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Ironman Mystery Box Rewards

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Originally made by Park, pictures added by kenzz & mythical
JEP9iOx.png Common Table
t0w457j.png x1000 Anglerfish
RRNmDJ1.png x500 Karambwan
XgkCq1c.png x2000 Dark crab
P50ZMvX.png x1 Ranger boots
PdTmszo.png x2000 Coal
3hH72sh.png x5000 Bow string
MNmujCv.png x100 Blood money
kH2KBSD.png x1 Ring of wealth
UasLOig.png x50 Vote tickets


JEP9iOx.png Uncommon Table
Ztaq7pw.png x1 Rubber chicken
MTY3rzJ.png x1 Penguin mask
5trV9cq.png x500 Runite ore
BUgyVVu.png x350 Runite bar
8pvv0H5.png x1 Pirate hat & patch
1lhbxpl.png x1 Katana
D6SsbTp.png x1 Sled
Lhl4O5J.png x500 Dragon bones
VEeHplK.png x1 Top hat
lktZTgD.png x1 Rune cane
z87YJeD.png x1 Gilded boots
M3RN4ga.png x1 Magic shortbow scroll
M3RN4ga.png x1 Row scroll
Yl9rvBv.png x1 Steam staff upgrade kit
waVBORV.png x1 Sagacious spectacles
FgsYWcd.png x200 Blood money
19Cdja2.png x75 Vote tickets

JEP9iOx.png Rare Table


FgsYWcd.png x400 Blood money
19Cdja2.png x100 Vote tickets
R71cJXM.png x1 Leprechaun hat
Yl9rvBv.png 1x Ward upgrade kit
TlOFfrA.png x1 Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit
VHeg9vO.png x1 Dragon cane


JEP9iOx.png Very Rare Table
XmaWV9d.png 1x Red phat
ebi02oP.png x1 Yellow phat
AOwc25T.png x1 Blue phat
W8JMYrq.png x1 Green phat
1SnjH4q.png x1 Purple phat
vNlc9XT.png x1 White phat
Yix9nZg.png x1 3rd age range coif
WfB4KPY.png x1 3rd age range top
dTeI4Vp.png x1 3rd age range legs 
 ecRBjED.pngx1 3rd age range vambraces
Q8O3SPo.png x1 3rd age mage hat
UcMCRHs.png x1 3rd age mage top
Yyn9vyd.pngx1 3rd age mage robe
hm5V44r.png x1 3rd age amulet
9IjRHXM.png x1 3rd age full helmt
ddMgGjQ.png x1 3rd age platebody
Dy8O5yF.png x1 3rd age platelegs
LGusDVl.png x1 3rd age kiteshield
dOIUU5K.png x1 3rd age cloak
yQnEyTI.png x1 3rd age bow
5l6tCy2.png x1 3rd age longsword
j0oAaqP.png x1 3rd age wand
FgsYWcd.png x700 Blood money
19Cdja2.png x130 Vote tickets
E7R88gm.png x1 Contributor scroll
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