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Game Update 05/02-2020

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Good evening, Veldaharians!

Todays batch of updates brings some fixes and some qol additions.

I am currently working on the next update which will bring new content for you all to enjoy. Get ready for that!

Hope you all have a great weekend, a mystery box giveaway is live on our discord until tomorrow so make sure to check that out!

Game Changes:

  • You should no longer be 'in combat' with an npc before he actually hits you.
  • Cutting webs in wilderness will no longer make you unable to move.
  • Random events have been disabled at Zalcano.
  • Random events will now be triggered alot less frequently.
  • Infernal eel can now be caught again.
  • Server time has now been changed to GMT+2.
  • The map issues throughout the world has now been sorted.
  • The ugly white treetops have been sorted.
  • All longsword animations have now been sorted and will not glitch you out.
  • Item sprites of fish will now be visible above the fishing spots for new players to easily find them.
  • The client will now send 'fake' xp drops if you are above 200M xp in that skill.
  • Crossbow ammo limitation has been sorted and can now fire the correct bolts.
  • Game timers will now add on for each farming patch and each birdhouse as well.
  • Skeletal mystics and tekton's defence has been lowered slightly.
  • Verzik should no longer spawn spiders as frequent.
  • The latest of oldschool data has been packed and expect to see some new content coming in the near future!



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Woo, this seems like a great update! Fantastic work as usual, Matt.

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