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Game Update 04/18-2020

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Good day, Veldaharians!

Todays batch brings some fixes and also the addition of amethyst!

Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend :)

Game Changes:

  • Iron man groups can now hold 5 teammates again.
  • An issue where players could not walk through some removed objects has been sorted.
  • The konar task of iron dragons within the stronghold slayer cave was removed.
  • Amethyst can now be mined within the mining guild under falador.
    • Amethyst arrows, bolts and javelins can now be created.
    • Amethyst ammo can now be used with the different ranged weapons.
  • Slayer masters now have an additional shop which takes coins.
    • Broad bolts and broad bolt packs have been added to slayer coin shop. (Can be bought by any mode)
  • The bracelet of ethereum now needs to be charged with ether.
    • The bracelet can hold up to 20.000 charges and will break when empty.
    • You can right-click or operate the bracelet to check for remaining charges.
  • The following weapons can now be uncharged and will return ether:
    • Craw's bow
    • Viggora's chainmace
    • Thammaron's sceptre


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Awww yea more good updates! 


Cheers Matt.

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