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Game Update 04/16-2020

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Good day, veldaharians!

Todays batch brings some more fixes towards pathing and some more QOL and also a rewrite of how iron man groups are handled.

Note that you will have to re-create your iron man group by using the configuration on adam in edgeville. (Keep the founders the same as previously to have your previous vaults)

The 60 minute limit to invite has been disabled for a limited time, so make sure you get on and invite your team as soon as you can.

Game Changes:

Misc fixes and edits

  • Adding, removing or setting colors to ground items should now be alot easier with the new way to search and pick items.
  • The moonwalking and drag towards npcs should now be fixed for the most part. Let me know if theres anymore issues.
  • The black dragon spawn in taverly dungeon has been moved slightly as it was previously stuck.
  • The regular potion set (1x of each) has been removed from the mystery boxes.
  • The prayer, run and special attack orbs have all been moved and aligned on the left side.
  • Some more tweaks are being done towards the client for the latest of osrs content to come.


Group Iron Man

  • The way group iron men were handled server side has been re-made completely.
  • All current groups have been discarded which means you will have to re-create your groups and invite your team.
  • Vaults have remained untouched, so your items are still there. (Group founders must be the same as previous)
  • The playtime limit has been lifted for the time being.
  • Founders can now kick members even if they are offline.
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Good stuff Matt. Glad to see how frequent these are coming!!

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