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Game Update 04/10-2020

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Good day, Veldaharians!

Some more fixes with todays batch along with some additional features such as sounds&music, special attack orb and status bars!


Hope you all enjoy and have a great easter!


Game Changes:

  • The collection log for verzik will now show the avernic defender hilt as supposed to instead of the defender.
  • Killing olm will now count towards kebos diary.
  • Some items that previously could not be dropped now can.
  • The imbued god capes now provide +2% magic damage bonus.
  • Decanting potions with bob the carter now properly completes the varrock diary task.
  • When clicking inside the player owned shop, the scrollbar will now automatically go to the top.
  • You should no longer be able to get alchemical hydra as task if you have not learnt about it.
  • Ranging should no longer drag you towards the npc if you are 
  • Some new client quality of life features have been added:
  • Status bars, you can enable/disable these within the settings menu.
  • They will scale and move dependant on your client size.


  • Special attack orb
  • Works just like it should, can enable/disable by clicking on it. Shows your current special attack amount left.


  • Sound & Music is finally here!
  • Some sounds has been added to certain weapons, skills, objects etc.. But the rest will be added as we go along.
  • Regional music, alot of regions and their different music has been added. (Note: We are missing quite alot and will be adding more as we go along.)
  • To enable sounds and music, go into your settings tab and up the volume. (Note, some music/sounds can be loud. So i'd suggest dropping the volume a little)




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Music is big pog, thanks Matt. 

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Love it! good stuff Matt keep it up :)

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