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Game Update 04/03-2020

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Good day, Veldaharians!

It has been abit since the last update, but heres a little larger batch than usual with alot of suggestions, additions and fixes.

Including the most complained issue has now been reworked, pathing!

Hope you all enjoy the update and have a great easter.


Game Changes:

  • Our very outdated pathing has been reworked for some time now and it's finally finished!
  • Valueable drop announcement will now state the players killcount as well.
  • Ornate pool will no longer reset boosted stats.
  • Tab-to-reply towards ex-staff rank now works as intended.
  • Master clue caskets will no longer reward shared loot such as runes and others.
  • The blood money shop has been re-added.
  • -- It now follows travis idea on required killcount to purchase certain items. You can read more on that Here.
  • Staff members are now able to enable bonus barrows events where the droprate for barrows pieces and resource reward will be boosted.
  • Crystal bows, halberds and shield can now be worn again.
  • Dagannoths within the catacombs are now aggressive.
  • Arclight accuracy has been buffed slightly.
  • The client has been put up to speed with backend upgrades.
  • Adding/removing items from player owned shops will no longer cut off items on the lists.
  • All ironman modes can now purchase anything from the pest control squire.
  • All implings can now be caught barehanded if you have the requirements.
  • Super antifire potions will now become the right potion when drinking it.
  • The pest control minerals pack has been replaced by a secondaries pack, that when opened will grant some random secondaries.
  • Barrows chest now contains secondaries as rewards as well.
  • All npcs within the wild should now at least drop bones if they do not have a droptable.
  • You are now able to turn a trident of the seas(e) to a trident of the swamp(e) by using a magic fang on it.
  • A new voting system has been added, this one should work better then the previous one.
  • Wyrm essence drops will now be dropped in noted form.
  • Killing npcs while on task from konar but not in the right location, task amount will decrease but will not grant any experience.
  • Easter ring and ring of stone has been added to the ingame donator store.
  • Group Iron Man leaders now have the option to kick a member from their group.
  • Only requirements are that the player you want to kick has to be online and aware.
  • When being kicked from a group, your rank will remain the same.
  • If you are kicked two times you are no longer able to join someone elses group.
  • Abusing this system for something negative will lead to the group being dismissed.


  • Global item spawns has been added
  • -= Some of the items being spawned are:
  •  --= Eye of newt
  •  --= Limpwurt root
  •  --= White berries
  •  --= Snape grass
  •  --= Red spider eggs
  •  --= Blue dragon scales
  •  --= Jangerberries
  •  --= Mort myre fungus
  •  --= Wine of zamorak
  •  --= Potato cactus
  • -= And they are spread out through the locations below
  •  --= Karamja
  •  --= Wilderness
  •  --= Taverley dungeon
  •  --= Waterbirth island
  •  --= Lumbridge + swamp
  •  --= Edgeville dungeon
  •  --= Outside ogre island by castle wars
  •  --= Kalphite hive


  • Droprates have been quite high for some time now and we do not see enough items coming in for an economy, so we've decresed the drop-rates significantly for the below:
  •  --= Alchemical Hydra (And small hydras)
  •  --= Callisto
  •  --= Cerberus
  •  --= Chaos Fanatic
  •  --= Commander Zilyana
  •  --= Corporeal Beast
  •  --= Crazy Archaeologist
  •  --= Demonic Gorilla
  •  --= Drake (Over 50%!)
  •  --= General Graardor
  •  --= Kalphite Queen
  •  --= King Black Dragon (Over 50%!)
  •  --= Kree'Arra
  •  --= Kril Tsutsaroth
  •  --= Lizardman Shaman
  •  --= Vet'ion
  •  --= Vorkath


  • Run-energy now works as intended:
  •  --= Without any bonus equipment or potions you will be deducted one energy point every two tiles you run.
  •  --= With any graceful equipment pieces the amount of tiles will be (2 + (Amount of pieces you are wearing)
  •  --= When drinking a stamina potion, the amount of tiles will be (tiles + 4)


  • New commands has been added for easier access to certain things:
  •  --= ::discord (Opens a web browser with our discord invite link)
  •  --= ::barrows (Quick teleport to the barrows minigame)
  •  --= ::dze (Quick teleport to the east in donator zone)


  • Theatre of blood has been enabled again with verzik vitur boss fight.
  • The boss has been reworked some and droprates have been increased.


  • Easter Event
  •  --= The easter bunny has been captured by a zoo keeper and needs your help to get free.
  •  --= Speak to the bunny in edgeville.
  •  --= The easter bunny will have a reward for you upon helping him.
  •  --= The yellow/orange skin color can now only be used by players whom completed the easter event.
  •  --= While this bunny is kind, the evil chickens have their own agenda of trying to take over edgeville. 
  •  --= Fight them off for some cosmetic loot.




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Thank you Matt. This is some good update. Hopefully i have some left over pc points :D

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Thanks for the huge update! :)

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Finally Mr. Matt! 

Keep going and don't let it fall down again! 

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This update is HUGE really enjoying tob bring some new content to the server and i am really enjoying the new rates on bosses much needed tweak, Also awesome job on the Bloodmoney store its a nice touch, One Suggestion is to maybe add Hydra's Claw and Hydra's Leather to the shop :)

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