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BM and Vote Rework

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Behind the scenes

Good day OSV, I am happy to announce that we are currently making way to some new changes that will create a new perspective for the future of OSV. These changes are directed towards player incentives. 


Blood Money Rework

It is a little late, but the Bm shop will return to OSV! We have decided to change the bm shop so that all players including irons will be able to purchase specific high tier items. This will require a specific amount of blood money and a specific kc requirement. For example a player who has a kc of 500 zulrah will in turn be able to use blood money and the cost of their kc to purchase one item from the rare table such as a tanzanite fang. If they would like to make another purchase from the zulrah table it will require another 500kc and the desired amount of bm. We are implementing this change to reward players who grind out bosses and have rather poor RNG. 

Blood money will also become untradable, and we may change some of the drop rates for it.

 Below is a potential list of kc requirements. Please give us feed back!


*these kcs are subject to potential change*

Zulrah: tanz fang, magic fang, serpentine vissage 

Cerberus: primordial, Pegasian, eternal 
350 kc 

Sire: bludgeon peice of choice 
300 kc 

GWD is tricky - rates are pretty high  for a very rare drop. Also you have 3 minions that for the most part, can drop these items with a similar drop rate. To counter I’d say a respectable kc with higher bm price. 
Bandos: hilt, tassets, chestplate
250-300 kc

Arma: hilt, chainskirt, chestplate
250-300 kc 

Zammy: sotd, hilt, Spear
200-300 kc 

Sara: acb, hilt 
200-300 kc

Idk if we want dwh in the shop. It’s is meant to be very rare and it can be safe spotted.
Lizard man shaman : dwh
1250-1500 kc

Demonic 🦍 gorillas: zenyte  
150 kc

Let us know what else you’d like to see and suggestions on rates. The bm prices will he discussed privately between staff. 


Vote incentives Rework

So we all know voting is important for the server, but voting currently gives very little incentive. We are countering this by changing the vote rewards. The vote shop will probably still exist and the items will still be present, although some of the skilling items will be introduced in other shops (achievement and bm shop) and there will be other opportunities to achieve them in game.

we are changing vote rewards to give player specific incentives and motives. This will include the following:

*vote ticket costs are subject to potential change*

Vote incentives: *times will be in real time not played game time*
2 vote tickets = able to pick one slayer task
5 vote tickets = 2 hour bxp 
5 vote tickets = 2 hour boosted barrows rates 
5 vote tickets = 3 hour double pc points 
5 vote tickets - 3xresources at one for 30 minutes (1hr) while fishing, wc, farm, mining, theiving from master farmer, exp counting only for the single action
5 vote tickets - 1 hour of boosted drop rate for c keys and clue scrolls. (1:25 and 1:50)
10 vote tickets = 1 hour of 10% increased drop rate 
10 vote tickets = 5 hours bxp 
10 vote tickets: 2-3 hour of being able to pick your slayer
25 vote tickets = 1 hour 15% increase drop rate 
25 vote tickets = 3 hours 10% increased drop rate 

Please give us feedback or suggestions as to what you would like to see for vote incentives. 


In Other News

Bonus barrows/double chests loot will be coming to bonus weekends. This in turn will give players a 1/4 chance to receive a barrows peice when killing all 6 brothers.

These next updates to come are all about player incentives, and hopefully we can create a better future for osv through changes like these. As I’ve stated above please give us feedback or suggestions YOU may have! Also I apologize that these changes may be coming rather late. 

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Just outta curiosity, would it be possible to sell back skilling shite bought from vote store, for vote tickets?

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I would suggest lowering some of the kcs, because players will still need to grind out the bm as well. Possibly zulrah down to 400, cerb down to 250 and 250 is probably okay for the GWD bosses. 

I also think voting shop prices could use a rework, since I think that's a bigger issue than actual voting incentives

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Good news OSV!

Progress is being made!

if you have any suggestions to add to shop. For non kc required items. Please let us know. 


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How can i say this without offending any staff members and not receive a ban. Update the game, and if you want suggestions, do that after the update.. We are fucking bored.. No one has any faith anymore. I am actually waiting that moment, that will come - where someone in staff says, "Games dead, maybe another reset" 


 just update.. 

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