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Pk event!

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Hello Veldaharians! 

On friday the 31st there will be a bridding event hosted by our beloved @Satan and @Travis

The event will be held in the PK District and will start at 8PM ECT. (2PM EST) *pk district is 100% safe.

To keep it fair, the gear allowed will be welfare.

Rune armour 
Mystic armors
Neitznot helmet
Barrows Gloves

Rune crossbow
Runite bolts 
Dragon scimitar/DDS
Ancient staff 
Any Defenders
Any type of magic runes
Fire cape/Regular god capes
Rune Pouch
Maximum of 2 brews

And lastly, you must be on the ancient spellbook.

The player inventories will be monitored and if a player is caught using items that is not on the list above, they will be disqualified. All participants must submit to a DM.

The ones who reach top 3 will be rewarded. 

1St place; 5 Super mystery boxes
2nd place; 3 Super mystery boxes
3rd place; 1 Super mystery box.

Now, if a ironman/ironwoman were to win, they can receive regular mystery boxes if they so please.



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Great events guys, looking forward to see what others there are in the future!

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