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Game Update 01/30-2020

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Hello, Veldaharians!

Todays update consists of bug fixes, a new farming patch and the pk-district!

Keep reporting bugs and writing down suggestions for the server, everything is read and looked over.


Game Changes:

  • Elite void now only applies the proper 12,5% bonus as supposed to.
  • You now only need two free slots instead of eight to harvest again.
  • Ring of wealth will now attempt to pick up blood money from npc drops if you have the space for it.
  • Amulet of avarice will now provide proper 5% droprate bonus within revenant caves when worn.
  • Arclight accuracy is now providing the proper 70% bonus on demonic creatures.
  • Runite ore can now be mined in donator zone.
  • Another farming patch has been added to the donator zone.
  • PK-District has been added back into the game but now in the form of a fun-pk area where you will not lose any items. To access district use teleport (Ctrl+T, 7)




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This is all awesome, great update after great update, thank you Matt!

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