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Game Update 01/27-2020

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Good morning, Veldaharians!

I would like to thank you all for the support so far on this release and I hope you all are enjoying your time with us.

Every bug report is being wrangled out and sorted as soon as possible. 

There are some things that take abit longer than usual.

Game Changes:

  • Claiming votes by ::auth will now automatically attempt to claim all at once.
  • Essence mining can now be minable from all angles.
  • I am now able to remove members from iron man groups, so if a group wants to remove someone and they agree to that. Let me know.
  • Withdrawing non-stackable items from group iron man vault will now only withdraw the amount you have space for. 
  • Attack styles for pound (attack, hitpoints), pummel (strength, hitpoints), spike (shared), block (defence, hitpoints) now work corrctly. (Used for viggoras chainmace etc)
  • Pesky plant has been removed close to the trees in donator zone.
  • The walking packet has been altered slightly.


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