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Pest Control Event

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Pest Control Event



8:00 am - 11:00 am EST/UTC-5

and a second hosting

6:00 pm - whenever  EST/UTC-5



Good evening OSV, I will be hosting a pest control event. We would like to see all who are interested join!

  • I believe the only requirement is a combat level restriction of lvl 40 combat.
  • To get to pest control use minigames teleport option 1:Pest Control
  • "Ctrl + T, 3, 1"

Good luck to everyone this reset! Looking forward to the events.


I would also like suggestions of potential future events, and I will be more than happy to host said events weekly!

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For participants in the event at any given time frame wil be added to a raffle for a mysterbox donated by yours truly.
... rip $5.00 


Best of luck :)



Raffle participants


  1. Snogen
  2. Shops
  3. Gtgmrei 
  4. Mrmuscle
  5. 1 man dream
  6. Temptation
  7.  park
  8. Hollywood ud
  9. Swinekills
  10. Evosquall
  11. Keytracker
  12. Kaden
  13. Grim’s
  14. Lovergirl11
  15. Blodreina
  16. haffett
  17. Green
  18. Wiz
  19. Turtle
  20. Port
  21. Babi neeras
  22. Xxxtentacion 
  23. Rena
  24. Kruxxi
  25. Vuurv
  26. Blank
  27. Lucker
  28. Cowkiller666
  29. Protocol
  30. Penguin
  31. Trash
  32. Strider
  33. Lucker 
  34. Sit to piss 
  35. Ulti dann
  36. Allbymyself
  37. Swan
  38. Runder
  39. Soup dogg 
  40. Xl
  41. Jhoandry
  42. Remorse v2
  43. Sfhdogg
  44. 17
  45. Janosky
  46. Mf
  47. Jabose


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First of all Congratulations to @Grimz for winning the $5.00 raffle. Secondly, thank you to all who participated. I added your names to the list in no specific order, I believe I got everyone who attended during the hosted event times.


I am looking for suggestions for different events. I am more than willing to host said events. Currently I am looking into the addition of weekly time based events that last an hour at most. These would be static for the duration, and always on a specific schedule. 



* I used random.org for RNG to pick the raffle winner. The generated number was 13 - Grimz


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