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OS-Veldahar Official First To Competition

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Hello, veldaharians!

With the release of the server in a couple of hours we will be starting our official first-to competition.


What you simply need to do is browse the thread for your game mode:

Regular: Here

5x: Here

Ultimate Iron Man: Here

Iron Man: Here

Hardcore Iron Man: Here

Group Iron Man: Here


When  you reach either of the milestones in which you see your first, take a screenshot and send it in our discord channel: Here (first-to-achiements) (Or send a PM with the screenshot to a staff-member on the forum)

Where you then will be awarded a bronze trophy for your first achievement, if you then go on and become first on more things, keep posting the screenshots and we will increase your trophy one level higher. The highest trophy is dragon and these are limited to this competition. You can wield the trophy on your player to show off your skills.


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The first one to reach dragon trophy was @1 man dream earlier today and he was awarded 40$ in mystery boxes.

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