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Game Update 12/07-19

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Good day, Veldaharians!

I have been away for about a week now off and on, but I am still here. Do not worry.

Today I bring you some QOL and more fixes.

Your client will update automatically, but if an error occurs. Download it manually here on the forums.

Game Changes:

  • You are no longer able to spawn multiple cerberus when entering the room.
  • Olm once again drops dragon claws and dragon hunter crossbow, I accidently removed them as well when removing the other dragon weaponry. Sorry for that.
  • You are now able to use newly gotten pvp armour even after the old ones have degraded.
  • Brown apron has been added to the vote shop, this apron will provide 10% extra experience while crafting.
  • You are now able to click a cooking range when you have the raw fish in your inventory instead of using it on the cooking range.
  • Olm and verzik drops will now properly log on the collection log.
  • Verzik drops will now automatically add to your collection log if you have them in your inventory.
  • Amulet of avarice will now note the proper drops and not just any drop.
  • Redwood logs can again be cut from all angles.
  • Redwoord trees will now deplete propely and not create hollow trees.
  • You are now able to enter the curved redwood to go up a floor as well.
  • Avernic hilt will now broadcast with the correct name.
  • Magic secateurs are now kept on death.
  • Ferocious gloves are no longer tradeable.
  • Arclight has been buffed some more.
  • Shops now have an option to buy and sell the last amount you used 'buy/sell x'.
  • When holding shift while in a bank you are able to left-click an item in your inventory to store all.
  • Viggora's chainmace have had it's alch value increased.
  • Thammaron's sceptre have had it's alch value increased.
  • All tridents have had their alch value increased.
  • Dragon dagger(p+) now has stats.
  • Ironmen are now able to purchase any item from the achievement shop.
  • Salve amulet(ei) now provides 20% damage bonus while ranging and maging as well.
  • Unsired is no longer tradeable.
  • A typo was sorted when creating zenyte items on the pottery oven. A cut onyx is needed, not uncut.


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Hmm same thing happens everytime client is updated, have to delete cache and all files, then download all new files..

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Awesome updates as per usual Matt! thank you :)

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