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Swine and Travis's Group Ironmen

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So as the title suggests me and Travis have decided on doing a duo ironman series. I will be periodically streaming this on youtube but this post is mostly for people to see the rules and achievements we complete. a6d977415b277fe5e2dcb137e81f0ef6.png

The accounts are limited to only trading between each other but we have had to make them normal accounts so that we can do this. The rules are pretty straight forward. We can trade items between each other and only buy certain items from the stores. We can only purchase from Aubury after completing the Varrock Easy and Med diaries and this only goes for runes, can only purchase an Ava from Lowe, can't purchase anything from Zeke or Horvik. Basically the normal ironman restrictions. Also we realize that the Ava is only 10k so we have made a rule that we can't purchase it until we have 1 mil cash.

I will add more photos and even plug my youtube right here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRTOBDIimnp0ZwfebSd07w?view_as=subscriber

If this is something you guys are interested in or like the idea of, please be sure to tune into the stream. Not exactly sure when we will start but hopefully everyone likes the idea.

Drops and various achievements will be posted below:



1 mil for the Ava and void has been obtained after a tedious grind of fishing.



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