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Game Update 03/07-19

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G'day, some bugs have been smashed today and the new feature to toggle yell channel.

I think I was tired when performing the last update, hence the mistakes. Sorry for that.

Game Changes:

  • Anguish now provides the +5 bonus as supposed to.
  • Ava's assembler and assembler max cape now provides +2 bonus as supposed to.
  • Imbued god max capes now provide +2 bonus as supposed to.
  • Amulet of avarice has now been sorted and should now note proper drops, not vice versa.
  • Arclight has been buffed slightly.
  • Checking sell prices in ironman store will now show the correct prices.
  • Mystic lava staff now provides unlimited earth and fire runes.
  • Kodai wand has had it's alch value increased.
  • You are now able to hide all yells, using the command ::toggleyell
  • Clay rocks now work as supposed to in the desert.
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