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Fatal Floors

PVP Armours & Weapons

PVP Armours & Weapons  

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  1. 1. Should the PVP armours & weapons completely degrade?

    • Yes
    • No

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Evening OS-Veldahar!

Hopefully this poll works! The staff team have been having a discussion today regarding the new PVP armours & weapons recently introduced into the game, those being morrigans, status, vesta, and zuriels. 

We thought it would be best to get a community vote on the matter, as the staff team only account for a small percentage of players currently. 

Most of the staff team feel it would be better for the server if they would degrade completely. 

The reasons for this are;

  • Over time there will be a mass amount of money ingame, meaning repairing the items becomes cheap in comparison - so ultimately increasing how much they cost to repair will become meaning less. 
  • The wilderness will stay active, or at least more active than before as we've already witnessed
  • Keeps the prices relatively high given they are BIS for most things other than raids
  • It'll keep GWD bosses like Armadyl and Bandos relevant

If the poll is to pass, we'd look at increasing the drop rate of the items, so they aren't quite as difficult to get, however still maintaining the rarity. We’d also increase the durability by a good amount. 

However if you do vote no, we'd ask you to give the staff team a reason behind why you've said no. 



The Staff Team

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Been waiting on this, thanks Fatal.

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