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Runelite features

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Title: Runelite features


1. "ALT" to edit "Ground Items":

On the Runelite client, or any osrs client for that matter, the player has the option to quickly edit which items they wish to show on the ground by holding alt and then clicking on either a + or - sign. This would make a great addition in my opinion, should it be possible. I know personally, having to type out every single thing that I don't want to show up on the ground is tedious, and I typically just end up not using the feature all together.

2. Prayer Rearrangement:

Again, on various OSRS clients, the player has the ability to "swap" and rearrange the alignment of their prayer icons, allowing them to customize how their prayer book is setup. I personally think this would make a great addition, as I find myself constantly activating eagle eye instead of rigour because I'ts just far more natural to click eagle eye.

3. XP/HR:

The "skilling information" update was a great addition to the game. I know for certain that the main thing that I looked at when i skilled on 07 was my xp/hr; I was constantly trying to max out my rate, to make sure I was doing things as efficiently as possible. It would be great to be able to see this be added to the skilling information, with a way to reset it.

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