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OLM Fight changes

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Title: Olm fight changes

SLD: Currently, the way that olm works is very drab. It takes maybe 2 raids to fully pickup on what to do and then you have the fight down, and are almost never in danger of dying. It makes the fight extremely boring, and on top of this, because of the ease of the fight, we are more than content to have the raids drops be exceedingly rare. I would suggest that there be more mechanics to the olm fight itself. I'm not sure how hard it would be to code the ring of fire, burn with me, etc etc. But I would like to see things like falling crystals, working similar to the way that the demonic gorillas have falling rocks, and It would also be nice to see the demonic gorilla mechanic where it attacks with a combat style until it is blocked 3 times then it switches. With olm it would just be 3 mage 3 range, but it would add just another thing that the player would have to pay attention to, making the fight more than just pray and attack. 

SAI: These are just a start to increasing the difficulty of raids, and I would love to see more ideas on how to make the olm fight more engaging - thanks for reading.

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