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OS-Veldahar's State - A Player's Perspective

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Hi all, my name is Aediion; you may have seen me in-game. I'm writing this post in an attempt to get a community discussion going regarding the state of the game, and an atmosphere of accountability. I'd also like to hear about some brainstorming for potential solutions.

First, I think I can speak for many when I say that people don't expect this reset to be any different than the others. The general consensus, as I've received it, seems to be that people are just enjoying this so-called "honeymoon" phase of OSV before the server dies again. It's been nice to see a few faces but it's pretty clear that most of the concurrent players have been around for quite a while. So, what's gonna happen?

Well, given that there are players dedicated enough to play a server that they expect to die in the near future (and invest days of playtime into it), I believe it's safe to say that OSV has the base it needs - the few players that have always been around and will always be around. The real question that now comes up is the question of getting those new players that the old base can support. This is a question that needs to be addressed immediately as the longer we wait, the more the eco develops, the more new players will feel a gap between their progress and others' progress.

I believe the answer to the question, is, surprise, advertisements. Advertisements are tricky - some work, some don't - and are often times leaps of faith. In my many discussions with staff members, everyone states that Matt is consistently searching for adverts and whatnot. Well (and I'm just being honest here), the only advert that the players have been able to see or have been made aware of is FPK Merk. I know Matt/Park mean the best by bringing him on but he is an absolute joke and everything he's done so far has been a trainwreck. Looking at his profile, his viewership has been sporatic at best, he has no attachment to any server, and I have reason to believe his entire subscriber-base is fabricated.

Because I believe advertisements are such a necessary implementation, and that the players (and the donators) deserve to know what advertisements are being utilized, I took the liberty of doing some "shopping" if you will. And what I mean by that is that I researched opportunities for Matt. I will summarize some of my findings below:

**Preface - These options below cost money, and are quite expensive to be fair, but there are also free options such as forums (of which I found quite a few) and whatnot.

1. Banners

*I have found multiple talented banner creators that can revamp OSV's banner (for as little as $15) and even make multiple banners to be used on multiple sites.

RSPS-List -

A banner at the top of the website, seen by anyone who visits the site - $300/month

A sidebar ad - $75/month

RuneLocus -

While not necessarily available at all time due to high demand, has banners at $250/month. Seeing as RL has thousands upon thousands of unique visitors per day, this wouldn't be a bad thing to keep an eye out for.

MoparScape -

Banner on site - $10/day or $300/month - MS is one of the biggest RSPS sites out there.

2. YouTubers -

SohanRS - 19.5k Subscribers (has an active following) -

Video - $450 per

LiveStream - $400 per

Extremely expensive, but is the leading RSPS content creator and would result in guaranteed login traffic/site traffic.

JordanRSPS - 3.8k Subscribers (to show the cheaper side of RSPS CC'ers) - Video  - $150 per (negotiable, cheaper with a multi-video contract.

3. Forums, and MORE!

These are the cheap options - the ones that we can post on ourselves to help the server. They're plentiful but not effective.

To put things in perspective, it's clear that these options above are expensive, but interestingly enough, a month of each one of those banners, a video from both Sohan and Jordan, and commissioning 2 new banners wouldn't even amount to half of what has been donated since the servers re-release. I'm not saying Matt should throw every bit of money donated into advertising (it costs money to run the server and site as it is), but a significant amount needs to be if we want to end this vicious cycle of resets. And it's not like these advertisements are total losses - each new player is a potential donator, and a potential heavy donator. Relying on old players for funding isn't sustainable. Players dont grow from trees.

Advertising is a huge responsibility and not one to be taken lightly, but I've even offered to take on the responsibility of finding opportunities for the server for free - just because I refuse to sit idly by and watch what we've seen happen 5 times happen again. So, here's to an atmosphere of accountability because I'd really like to see where the money is going if it really is going towards advertisements, and please don't use FPK Merk as an example because he's not the solution.





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I 100% agree with this, advertising makes servers big, and I am very close friends with sohan, and can talk to him to make im make a video or 2, or even a livestream for the server, just something, I love this server, and all of the OG's do, so I can do what I can to help with my youtube channel.

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thanks for the effort and I completely agree with everything. something has to be done now before it's too late yet again.

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To be fair I didn't have any faith in Matt previous resets and it proved right however this seems different, If he keeps on top of the updates osv might actually get somewhere and instead of cramming content down players throats there should be huge QOL fixes such as pathing and polishing some bosses like zulrah and vorkath. For any reason Matt goes MIA again then obviously it gonna die, advertisements that is a big one for private servers, players dont appear out of thin air they find it out from advertisements and I'm not talking about any of those shit money grab youtubers who make a quick video and leave @fpk merk Adverts like banners like you said need to happen and actually show off the good content and not 5 year old content.

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I agree, and I have contacted multiple youtubers, most of them included in here as well. However the answers I have gotten so far are that they either are contracted or simply do not have time for another week or two. So I’ve basically been on Hold.

I am actively trying to find and hire youtubers, so if you are in contact with someone that I am not and that is available to work. Please let me know their details and I will contact them asap.

Banners, I’ve spoken to the owner of Rune-locus and they will be full for quite some time unfottunately.

moparscape was an option months ago before it was sold off and left for dead, so it is no longer a worthy option at all unfotunately.

Advertisement threads and toplist posts:

these 100% need to be updated, i’ll collect some new advertisement images this weekend and try to update them before monday.


Thank you.

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