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Suggestion title: Lil Bit QOL

Suggestion long description:

Make votes claim all at once instead of one vote at a time.

Change color of when someone completes infernal, maybe a dark orange?

Make it so staff have admin symbol and hcim symbol so new players know who is staff, for example instead of Insta just having the hcim symbol next to his name, make it so he has the admin symbol too.

Update Runelocus banner, maybe other rsps lists too, ours is outdated and doesnt include some of our newest content.

Bring Community events back :)


Suggestion additional information:

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Good suggestions, agree with community events and updating out banners on the voting sites with accurate information. 

As for the staff and game mode icons, I somewhat agree.. although we have a ::setrank command, and now that the issues with ranks and PC points has been fixed, i think staff should be using their staff icons in game. (other than @Wengs who’s colour of horrendous) 

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