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Game Update 20/06-19

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Good day, Veldaharians!

Another batch of fixes and some additions as well, hope you all enjoy :)

The client will update automatically when you try to connect, if it does not. Download the client manually through the forums. Or use this link: HERE



Game Changes:

  • Pest control will now stop the current game correctly if there is no-one at the actual island.
  • Pest control donator points will now deal out properly even if you do not have the rank set visible.
  • Donator zone furnace clicking ratio has been sorted.
  • Verzik will now heal herself if you die solo.
  • Verzik will now dissapear if you die more than 3 times in the same instance.
  • Tome of fire stats has been sorted.
  • Some item alch values has been increased, if there is more. Let me know.
  • The duel interface is being looked into, in the meantime: DDS/Whip option will Disable all equipment slots. You can no longer manually enable/disable certain equipment slots. (For the time being)
  • Skill info box:
  • The client now has a new toggleable feature withing the settings tab.
  • Enabling this will prompt an interface while you are skilling showing some info such as:
  • Current Level
  • Current XP
  • Actions left to level up
  • XP Gained


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tyty good that you're being consistent with the updates

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