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Brutal Dragons

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Suggestion title: Brutal Dragons

Suggestion long description: As it stands, Brutal Dragons are a sort of thorn in my mind. Why even have them if they are just a more difficult version of their regular counterparts, but drop the exact same thing (their loot tables are mirrored). I suggest, that for at the very least Brutal Black Dragons have their drop table changed to the picture below.5d007e484a9e3_brutalblackdragonssuggestion.thumb.png.1478079d5b103283aa0061cc0f566419.png

Suggestion additional information: By doing this, it gives the Brutal Black Dragon, a dragon which is farmed in osrs for money making purposes a niche on OS-V aswell. It will give them the niche of being the best way to receive Dragon Dart Tips and Dragon Arrow Tips. This drop table makes them give around 12.5 dragon arrow/dart tips per kill meaning every 80 kills you would receive about 1000 of each. It would give people a reason to kill these dragons, and would give a more reliable way of obtaining dragon ammunition.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

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