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Setup's Re-Introduction

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My name is Setup. I've been a community member since OS-PvP in 2014. For the longest time, I held the most amount of PvP Kills until OS-Veldahar was released. Before OS-Veldahar's first reset, I was nearly a maxed account and had a lot of great items. In the early stages OS-PvP, I was promoted to Moderator, where I worked alongside Matt as a game moderator. I resigned a few months longer, but never left the community. I'm really looking forward to the re-launch of OS-V and hope to see Matt create something amazing once again. I will continue to throw my ideas out there, so that they can help benefit the server and the community. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to have a conversation, feel free to send me a Private Message on the forums. :)

#OS-V 2019

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