Hello, Veldaharians! As you may know the server has been in an idle state for quite some time, this has been because of me of course being mia and busy with life and job. I am not as busy anymore and am continuing to work on the server massively.   There will be a reset unfortunately, I think as the servers state stands at now there is no competition left. Of course I can not build a reset of just competition. But from some players perspective there is low to no reasons to be starting a new account at this stage with this low amount of players currently getting on from time to time.   For those who are still getting on and actually playing as is, will be reimbursed of course for their dedication if they wish to continue playing.   An ETA can not be given at this moment but I am working everyday to catch up with what I've missed. A timer will be added to the forums when I have a date set.   The server will be up and running until this friday 17th of may, then it will be down for maintenance.   I'd like to thank everyone of you who are still here despite me not being so, now lets get this going. Keep an eye on the forums as I will be posting some behind the scenes and will be looking for assistance and testers further on.