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Choice Scarf

Trident's (e)

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Suggestion title: Add the ability to upgrade the Trident of the Seas, and Trident of the Swamp.

Suggestion long description: In OSRS, the Trident of the Seas and Trident of the Swamp can be upgraded, for the cost of 10 Kraken Tentacles, to store 20,000 charges up from 2500.

I believe that we should also have the ability to upgrade these tridents.
Perhaps not for the Kraken Tentacle cost (Although this would make them very few and far between, and highly sought after).
Possibly following the path of ring imbues and have a Blood Money cost attached to this.

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Support, honestly wouldn't even mind if there was a flat 50m cost to it.

Blood money not a bad idea either, could probably just put it directly into the imbue shop if it were bm.

Nice suggestion.

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