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Hey OSV, 

Here's some insight into what comes from our store!

NOTE: Ironmen and Ironwomen cannot donate for Super Mystery Boxes!

When first visiting our web-store you are prompted to read our Terms of Service ("ToS"). In order to purchase items or packages, by donating to OS-V you agree to these terms. Included in the store page are instructions on purchasing and package information. 


Donator Ranking system:

  • 1super.pngContributor
  • sponsorcrown.pngSponsor
  • supporter.pngSupporter
  • 6super.pngV.I.P
  • supervip.pngSuper V.I.P
  • MEGA_VIP.pngMega V.I.P
  • LEGENDARY.pngLegendary
  • royal_icon2.pngRoyalty
  • divine_icon2.pngDivine

To obtain donator ranks you must have used a scroll pertaining to the rank or exceeded the minimum required donation total for the respective rank.

Packages that will add-up to your Total Donated statistic:
All packages currently add to your total donation stats.

Thanks for choosing to support OS-Veldahar!

The OS-V Team

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