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Myth's Cape and Guild [End Game Suggestion]

Skilling Outfit Bonuses on the Mythical Cape  

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  1. 1. Should the Bonuses Received from Skilling Outfits be Added to the Mythical Cape? the pieces of each set would need to be sacrificed in order to purchase the cape for the first time.

    • Yes
    • No

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Change log 2/4/20:

  • Removed Dragon Cbow from the stall
  • Removed Rune Dragon table

Change log 4/18/18:

  • Changed the Myth's guild to no longer require the cape, the guild will now be a maxed guild for donators
  • Added in a full list of diary changes for before the update
  • Added in a 99 thieving stall for the guild (see below description of the stall)
  • Added an ornate pool to the guild
  • Added a drop table for Rune Dragons
  • Added a poll regarding a possible change to the capes mechanics

Basic Overview and Reasoning Behind the Suggestion:

  • This suggestion will outline a new best in slot cape, as well as a new and more beneficial donator zone for our end-game players. This is something that I feel we need in OSV, because currently the only draw for players post max is to grind away on bosses and skill for 200ms in an area that offers no improvement from early-game training methods. 

Suggestion Part 1 - Mythical Cape:

  • The Mythical Cape would be a new best in slot cape, purchasable from Jack, who can be found inside the same building as the max cape. The cape would possess the following stats:


  • Jack will not even offer to sell the cape to players unless they have achieved 2b overall experience (500m for x5), and have first sacrificed the following capes to him:
    • Infernal Max Cape
    • Imbued God Max Cape
    • Assembler Max Cape
    • Quest Cape
      • This would be a new cape, purchasable from the wise old man after the completion of all the diaries. One of the diary requirements is to wear an achievement cape, so in turn players must also have completed every achievement task on OSV.
    • After initially sacrificing the above capes, Jack will sell players the mythical cape for 15m.


  • In addition to the above bonuses, the cape would also have the following functions:
    • Works as an unlimited supply of warrior guild tokens at the warriors guild.
    • Acts as a ring of life (toggleable).
    • Functions as an assembler with a random chance of saving ammo.
    • 10+ Prayer restoration while drinking prayer or super restore potions.
    • Works as spellbook swap when operated with no limit, however it does not function in the wilderness.
    • Offers a 10% chance to not use up essence when runecrafting, but still reward the player with xp and runes relative to what was in their inventory.
    • Regenerates 2 hitpoints instead of 1 at a time.
    • Works as a substitute for the graceful cape, and marks of grace go into your inventory instead of on the ground (toggleable).
    • Yields a 30% chance of saving an unfinished potion when mixing potions.
    • Grants double seeds while thieving the master farmer.
    • Offers a teleport to the crafting guild.
    • Yields a 10% chance for dart tips to be saved when fletching them, only using up the feathers. 
    • Teleport to slayer task, and a 15% chance for an on-task monster kill to not count toward your current slayer task but still offer xp (toggleable).
    • 100% chance of mining two minerals instead of one, however the second does not grant xp (toggleable).
    • Yields a 30% chance of saving a bar while smithing.
    • 100% chance of receiving two fish instead of one, however the second does not grant xp (toggleable).
    • Never burn food while worn
    • Yields a 30% chance to save a log while firemaking
    • 100% chance of receiving two logs instead of one, however the seconds does not grant xp (toggleable).
    • Works the same way as magic secateurs, yielding a chance of more herbs and a faster growth timer (Does not stack with magic secateurs).
    • Teleport to puro-puro

Suggestion Part 2 - Myth's Guild:

  • The Myth's Guild is a multi-level'd guild that offers a variety of content for our maxed donators. It can be accessed by typing the command "::mg" while having 2178 total level and donator status. Each level in the guild has different things to offer, as well as any donator zone experience boosts that are available for VIP +. (disregard icons on image)


  • Myth's Guild Ground Floor: 
    • Contains a new slayer master named Ellen who gives 75 slayer points per task, and assigns the following monsters:
      • Abyssal Demons: 275-350
      • Nechryael: 275-350
      • Hellhounds: 275-350
      • Gargoyle: 300-350
      • Bloodveld: 300-350
      • Smoke Devil: 275-350
      • Dust Devil: 300-350
      • Dark Beast: 100-150
      • Inferno: 1 (yields 300k slayer xp and rewards the player with 2 capes)
      • Cave Kraken: 275-350
      • Ankou: 300-350
      • Zulrah: 25-40
      • Vorkath: 30-50
    • Contains an anvil and furnace, however the furnace does not require coal when making bars.
    • Contains an ornate pool similar to the one in the donator zone
    • Contains a crossbow stall yielding 1.5x the experience of the wine stall, while rewarding the players with 1 of 3 crossbows:
      • Adamant Crossbow - Sold to the merchant for 9k each
      • Rune Crossbow (1 in 50 chance) - Alch value higher than the above 9k
      • Dragon Crossbow (1 in 2500 chance) - Fires at the speed of an acb and dragon hunter crossbow, and fires bolts up to dragon. Also has a high alch value.
    • Contains a boss teleportation portal similar to the one in the donator zone.
    • Contains the zulrah teleport npc and general store owner
    • Contains a portal to the wrath altar island, which has a fishing shop npc, and offers fishing spots for the following:
      • Sharks, Manta Rays, Karambwan, Infernal Eel, Dark Crabs, and Angler Fish.
    • Contains two triple gem rock spots, as well as an assortment of magic trees.
    • Contains a portal to the wrath altar itself, which allows the players to make wrath runes. Wrath runes act as both blood and death runes, and have a 25% chance to not be used up when involved in a spell cast. The experience given for wrath runes is roughly 1.5x more than soul runes, and a bank booth would be located close to the portal. (The wrath altar is located outside of the myths guild, so VIP dz experience would not apply



  • Myth's Guild Basement:(disregard labels on the map above)
    • The entirety of the basement is a multi-combat zone.
    • Contains 9 of each of the following npcs grouped together, spread throughout the dungeon:
      • Abyssal Demons
      • Hellhounds
      • Ankou
      • Dark Beast
      • Bloodveld
      • Dust Devil
      • Smoke Devil
      • Nechryael
      • Gargoyle
    • Kave Kraken are found in the small bit of water located in the bottom middle
    • A collection of ore rocks, ranging from iron to rune are spread throughout the dungeon
    • Red Chinchompas can be found in the small wooded section in the bottom right
    • Ninja and dragon imps can be found in the bank vault area, along with a lucky imp
    • 3 Rune Dragons can be found in the room located to the north



  • Myth's Guild 2nd Floor:
    • Contains Primula the herbalist, who works similarly to bob. 
      • Offers to decant potions for you
      • Offers a fee to clean herbs for you, however unlike bob you receive the xp you would have gotten for cleaning them
      • Offers a fee to make unfinished potions for you
    • Contains a cooking range directly next to a bank
    • Contains a crystal key chest, that offers a 15% chance to not consume a crystal key when used
    • Contains a general store owner, grace, a zamorak mage, tanner, and the hunter instructor
    • Contains a pottery oven
    • Contains an anvil


  • Myth's Guild Top Floor:(disregard labels on the above map)
    • Contain's an altar that offers a 20% chance to save bones when used.
    • Contains a spellbook swapping altar
    • Contains each of the achievement diary npcs
    • Contains portals that offer the following teleports free of charge:
      • Direct teleport to Giant mole in fala14dor
      • Direct teleport to Kalphite queen
      • Direct teleport to Skotizo


Changes Prior to Implementation:

Diary Changes:

930c18c7fde4bcb39db27f882e06fdc1.png 37dbd8b531e6653568804d7760d8bddc.png

  • If there are any changes you believe should be made to the thread itself please say so in your post.



Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion, it did take me a few hours to put the whole thing together. 

- Prec

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Fantastic suggestion. Well thought-out and I can tell you put some time into this. I love a challenge and this would be highly appealing to me, personally, at the end-game phase. It's akin to a comp-cape and really, in essence, it's what it is. Would love to see this in game.

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Mad support! After hearing you talk about this in the disc, the other day I’ve been awaiting this post! 

Absolutely Love this suggestion, and I agree with the kc on the wilderness bosses. 


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You're suggestions are always so in-depth and i'm sure i'm not the only one who appreciates suggestions like these. I can relate to the end-game goals like you stated in the thread, it is just going for 200m's and getting all boss drops. I think this would be a great addition to the game and would keep people motivated to play post max. Support!

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I support this suggestion I think its a great fit for OSV.

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pretty decent idea not sure if I am token on the cape being best in slot seems like a completionist cape.

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I really like most of your suggestions here.

I would like to add that the Falador Elite Diary that requires you to fish 450 Manta Rays is a bit much. It's extremely afk but since you get about the same Sea Turtles as Manta Rays it takes nearly twice as long to complete. My suggestion would be to reduce this down to 150 or 200 instead of 450. 

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On 4/18/2018 at 1:49 AM, Travis said:

Mad support! After hearing you talk about this in the disc, the other day I’ve been awaiting this post! 

Absolutely Love this suggestion, and I agree with the kc on the wilderness bosses. 


Still would love to see this in the main game! Anything you need help with or brainstorming lmk. 

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