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*Required* Suggestion Guidelines & Format

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When posting in this section, the proceeding format below is required when creating a new thread. Although replies to a thread do not follow any singular format, it is implied that you follow forum rules and guidelines at all times. We ask that when you reply to a suggestion you give some form of feedback on the matter, and state clearly whether or not you support the suggestion.


	Suggestion title:

	Suggestion long description:

	Suggestion additional information:


  • The long description must contain at least 50 character. The long description must be a valid, and accurate representation of your suggestion.
  • Additional information although not always required, may contain links to sources such as wikis providing additional information in regards to your suggestion.

Failure to follow simple forum guidelines, or failure to follow the simple requirement may in turn result in your thread being locked, or deleted. In some cases you may be entitled to a 24 hours notice, this depends entirely on the current effort put into the suggestion and wether or not you have previously been made aware of the requirements.

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