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Game Update 29/03-18

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Good evening, Veldaharians!

Todays batch includes fixes, additions and the easter event!

Hope you all have a great holiday and as always, keep reporting if faulty content and bugs so I can sort them out!

Game Changes:

  • Probita store now uses the new shop interface/system and can now hold all pets for you.
  • Untradable storage has been added for ultimate ironmen; To open the storage, simply click on a bank booth.
  • You are able to store only items that are deemed untradable in there.
  • Alch values has been buffed on most raid items.
  • New vorkath droptable has been added! (Excluding the head drop every 50th kill, might be added in the near future)
  • Ultimate ironmen are now able to purchase ring of wealth from the vote store.
  • You are now able to enable auto vial smashing by speaking to the emblem trader in edgeville.
  • You should now be able to note superior dragon bones.
  • Godswords (or) now have their correct level requirement.
  • Ultimate ironmen can now access the donator store.
  • Achievement diary item perks should now work even if you have the pieces within your bank/untradable storage as well.
  • Hardcore ironmen can now purchase ring of wealth from achievement store.
  • Donators now have plenty more skin colors they can choose from.
  • Mega VIP and Legendary donator ranks has been added to the forums. So go request your rank!
  • Super mystery boxes should now announce mega rare table as well.
  • Crystal key chest will now announce fury reward as well.
  • Easter event
  • Evil chickens are attempting to take over edgeville, they are invading every now and then and if defeated they can drop some cosmetics for you.
  • Evil chickens are said to have a special pet as well.
  • Evil chicken cosmetic set is now available at the web store.
  • Webstore discount has been enabled throughout the easter event!
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