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Name: Description:
Spam We have forum categories for any sort of basic chat. If you can't seem to find a fitting section, be sure to post it in the Spam category and a forum staff member will move it appropriately. The spam section is the section that has nothing related to os-veldahar in any way. Promoting spam is not tolerated either.

Do not post useless content, self-promotion, or unsolicited advertisement. Failing to comply to this will result in warning point(s) to the person handing out the infraction's direction. One word posts are also not tolerated, posts like 'thanks' 'support' are counted as spam/one word posts. Any one word posts after today will result in a warning point.
Misleading Links Posting anything that is vulgar, racist, or anything that is sexist or inappropriate or links that are misleading will result in a permanent ban from the forums with no chance of appeal. Please ask for permission from a staff member before posting a link.
Reputation System Reputation is used to reward users for informative posts. It should not be abused. Self repping or, abusing this will result in your reputation to be completely reset.
Flaming/Flame Baiting/Harrassment Use acceptable language while posting. Any flaming or flame baiting or even harassment will not be taken lightly. Use appropriate language otherwise, your post will be deleted and you will be given a warning point. After 3 warning point(s), your forums account will be permanently banned.
Impersonation Impersonating is not tolerated. If you are catch impersonating any player or staff member and saying you are them, your account will be permanently banned. We take this very seriously.
Grave Digging Posting on threads that are 'dead' is not acceptable. Commenting on threads 14 days old, will be deleted and given a warning point per the staff member's discretion.
Misleading Content Posting misleading or untruthful content (posts outside of the debate section that are lies or controversial) will not be acceptable. This includes claiming you're an official middle man, faking trust trade pictures, falsifying reports.
Offensive Signatures/Avatars Any signature or avatar that is deemed to be inappropriate (Gore, extreme violence, death, extreme nudity, pornography, epilepsy) will be warned and have the content removed. Further occurrences will result in the permanent removal of your ability to upload signatures or avatars.
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