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Super Mystery Box Rewards

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Originally made by Park, pictures added by kenzz & mythical
Updated; 24/01-2020
t7gu9kC.png Common table
SayojcR.png x150 Mithril seeds
8xULgD2.png x1 Abyssal whip
vgkUeel.png x1 Ranger boots
yTnZeDv.png x1 Spirit shield
M6mAOai.png x1 Amulet of fury
EtnhBTB.png x1 Warrior ring
RlD2epR.png x1 Berserker ring
D785Vlg.png x1 Archer ring
ogPBRSw.png x1 Seers ring
kH2KBSD.png x1 Ring of wealth
NgnD4Ko.png x1 Ring of wealth scroll
84nFU1G.png x200 Adamantite bar
BKXWyI8.png x50 Vote tickets
qkPR7Dn.png x100 Super potion set


t7gu9kC.pngUncommon table
5qTaGHd.png x1 Blessed spirit shield
RhPG4BM.png x1 Dragon sword
Z66Qj8J.png x1 Tier 10 emblem
K8jgVc5.png x1 Occult necklace
5l0nQVT.png x1 Bandos godsword
3nlsQ1R.png x1 Zamorak godsword
I16oSV4.png x250 Grimy avantoe
pftZRzk.png x250 Grimy ranarr weed
TOLvAL0.png x250 Grimy snapdragon
Sl6lv7q.png x250 Grimy torstol
mZpQEVG.png x250 Grimy toadflax
YbzVifa.png x300 runite ore
BKXWyI8.png x100 vote tickets
qU60PXv.png x200Dragon bones


t7gu9kC.pngRare table
2twlz0u.png x1 Armadyl godsword
k28Tpnr.png x1 Saradomin godsword
iWd3ESH.png x1 Bandos boots
ADLA12E.png x1 Armadyl helmet
Wo9VNO4.png x1 Dharok's armour set
w9gOykH.png x1 Ahrim's armour set
8cn6kmh.png x1 Guthan's armour set
m3q8RGf.png x1 Karil's armour set
hJ50JHB.png x1 Verac's armour set
xPq4cdU.png x1 Torag's armour set
70TmbL2.png x400 Bloodmoney
ltThME2.png x10M
WcF5E3v.png x1 Contributor scroll
8izbJAh.png x1 Zenyte shard

t7gu9kC.pngVery rare table
5C5XTgu.png x1 Santa hat
lyOTCAX.png x1 Inverted santa hat
9PhZKXP.png x1 Black h'ween mask
 x1 Spectral spirit shield
t6y0Deq.png x1 Yellow partyhat
yzfwpmG.png x1 Green partyhat
VO16XK9.png x1 Purple partyhat
IxFBu8z.png x1 White partyhat
RR173eD.png x1 Red partyhat
v94JYCl.png x1 Blue partyhat
JK4FXFD.png x1 Black partyhat
OJYR4Et.png x1 Rainbow partyhat
TMNgO8J.png x1 3rd age melee helmet
uWWLVII.png x1 3rd age platebody
tuPc8Zw.png x1 3rd age platelegs
F5VpvqH.png x1 3rd age kiteshield
tICYLcb.png x1 3rd age ranger's coif
33fHO6D.png x1 3rd age ranger's top
ivQlqcj.png x1 3rd age ranger's chaps
TnFuoeE.png x1 3rd age ranger vambraces
pHYfAnQ.png x1 3rd age mage hat
hbKRRNo.png x1 3rd age mage robe top
QeRTX45.png x1 3rd age mage robe bottoms
KqKYhRY.png x1 3rd age cloak
eFVCkfF.png x1 3rd age bow
XdZwBBz.png x1 3rd age longsword
3i2t4xR.png x1 3rd age wand
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Hey @Mythical.

Thank you for taking the time to create this post, this will define player's decisions on whether they should open them or not!



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