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Found 2 results

  1. Iron Help.

    About Iron Help. This is a new clan, created by veteran players. Everyone is welcome. The goal of our clan is to reach the maximum level of entertainment. Visit our staff team's profiles here: How does our ranking system work? Ranks, such as recruit, up to Sergeant will be given when we feel like you've earned it. If you wish to obtain a higher rank, such as the Lieutenant rank. You must send in an application through forums. Various members will have to vote, in order for you to obtain this rank. Disclaimer: If one of the owners quit the cc, there will be an open spot, which will be filled by the choise of "Natsuki" Iron Help's Team Application format & How it should look like. Our Rules. 1. You must follow the basic Os-Veldahar rules. (Click here to visit these rules) 2. No flaming / flame Baiting. 3. No harrasment / disrespect. 4. No encouraging others to break the rules. 5. No racism or religious intolerance. 6. No spamming. 7. No abusive / excessive trolling. Our Discord Channel. Send Natsuki, or my partner Kalphite a Friends Request on discord. My discord: 'Natsuki#8625' Kalphite's Discord: 'Mitch#0414' Or, send a Private Message In-Game or through forums to any member listed below. Click on the spoiler, to see what members you could contact for this matter.