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Found 2 results

  1. NH Tournament Hey everyone on 18/03/2018 7pm GMT there will be a NH tournament, each player will be in matched against each other 1v1 best of three until there is only two standing the remaining two will fight best of 5 for a prize of 3 super mystery boxes added to your accounts donation. You will need to provide your own gear and there are rules on what you're allowed to use, there is a 4 brew limit in place to speed up the progress in fights and it will be Whip/Dds only and no Rune Pouch and nothing better than Mystics. If you'd like to sign up you can do so down below there will be a layout for your sign up process and sign ups close on Friday! Good Luck Ign : Combat level (100+) :
  2. I am doing 24h zulrah stream attempt on OS-Veldahar on the fifth of march. Everyone are welcome to check me out. I will be posting stream link to this thread 15 minutes before I am going to start. Any company in discord would be appreciated, any dragon arrow donations would be appreciated aswell, because will be in need of alot. The ultimate goal is to get blowpipe as an drop and if that not going to happen the goal is to reach 1000 zulrah killcount by early hours of 6th march (which is currently 400.) Stream is going to start: 1PM GMT time 5 AM Pacific standard time Livestream Hope to see you all in the stream!