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  1. offering 6 duplicates for missing items
  2. 7x black full helm (g) 3x black platebody (g) 8x black platelegs (g) 5x black kiteshield (g) 10x black full helm (t) 5x black platebody (t) 3x black platelegs (t) 6x black kiteshield (t) 1x adamant full helm (g) 3x adamant platelegs (g) 1x adamant full helm (t) 4x adamant platebody (t) 2x rune full helm (g) 4x rune platebody (g) 3x rune platelegs (g) 2x rune kiteshield (g) 1x rune full helm (t) 3x rune platelegs (t) 1x zamorak platelegs 1x saradomin kiteshield 1x gilded kiteshield 7x black shield (h1) 2x black shield (h2) 3x black shield (h4) 1x black shield (h5) 1x adamant shield (h1) 1x adamant shield (h2) 2x rune shield (h2) 2x rune shield (h3) 4x blue wizard hat (g) 4x blue wizard robe (g) 2x blue skirt (g) 2x blue wizard robe (t) 2x blue skirt (t) 5x studded body (g) 6x studded chaps (g) 6x studded body (t) 4x studded chaps (t) 2x green d'hide chaps (g) 1x green d'hide chaps (g) 1x green d'hide body (t) 1x green d'hide chaps (t) 3x blue d'hide body (g) 1x blue d'hide chaps 4x blue d'hide body (t) 1x blue d'hide chaps (t) 1x black d'hide body (g) 1x zamorak bracers 3x green boater 1x orange boater 2x black boater 1x blue boater purple/black elegant shirts and legs white/purple elegant blouse and skirts Berets, boaters, pages, blessings, bandos/armadyl blessed robes 2x old demon mask 2x greater demon mask 1x jungle demon mask 2x piscarilius house scarf 1x shayzien house scarf 1x torture ornament kit 1x dragon sq ornament kit 1x samurai boots 2x explorer bag
  3. i'm looking for the following items, i'll buy them for cash or swapping them for 4 other items (see next post): Rune kiteshield (t) Zamorak kiteshield Guthix platebody Saradomin platebody Gilded platelegs Black shield (h3) Rune shield (h1), (h4), (h5) Blue wizard hat (t) Black d'hide chaps (t) Enchanted hat Guthix robe top Guthix robe legs Any zamorak d'hide piece except chaps/bracers Any guthix d'hide piece Any saradomin d'hide piece Monk's robe top (g)
  4. hello. today i will teach u how to fix and run this server. this is a tutorial for owners, but if you['re not an owner please let me know what u think. its very easy, just takes some time step 1. turn on bonus xp and double drops. since theres a max of like 3-5 ppl playing at a time, the eco is dead, nobody selling shit so you're basically playing ironman mode. step 2. fix bugs heres a list to start off with: - pathing. ty. - auto retaliate: even though auto retaliate is on, it shouldnt prioritze over running/walking. (currently when you're running when getting attacked it auto retaliates) - pvming: when stepping under monsters they can still attack u instantly instead of them taking time to step away from under you first before launching an attack - trading post: not everybody's shop shows up on the list of shops - not being able to switch bank tabs the 1st time after logging in. always gotta re-open the bank before it works - no clipping: people be running through walls and shit way too many times, especially npc's - tele block: once you leave the wilderness tele block should go away - autocasting without a staff - box trap animations - dragon bolts step 3. changes to existing stuff - make it possible to sell stuff (back) to the bm store for 75% of the price. - remove revenants from minigames in the quest tab - ancient emblem, totem and statuette should be on the rare droptable of revs, not the very rare table. - expand the bh store - change arma and bandos gwd very rare and rare drop-rates to the same rates as sara and zammy. rn it's 1/384 for bandos/arma very rare table and 1/258 for sara and zammy - change bank interface to the one osrs has - opening/closing looting bag step 4. add new stuff - add amulet of avarice, craw's bow, thammarons sceptre and viggoras mace (with their respective features) to revenants droptable - raids 2 - slim chance of pvp weapons (zuriels staff, statius warhammer, vestas longsword, morrigans javelins) being dropped by any npc in the wilderness. higher combat lvl = higher chance.\ - staff of light - rune dragons - surge spells - ancient wyverns - pre-sets - spellbook filters http://services.runescape.com/m=news/spellbook-filters-and-bounty-hunter-changes?oldschool=1 - customizable f-keys - attack option priority (left click/right click) for players and npc's - name change step 5. advertise server step 6. server fixed and 200+ ppl playing. u can now go inactive again thanks for reading can we hit 3 likes?
  5. why even put in the time to make this? You can suggest all you want but changes aren't going to be made, it's been like that forever. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt doesn't even read this.
  6. shit bro, takes you 7 trips to kill 1 corp? you might wanna try out other bosses, corp is not for u lmao
  7. "Vorkath's head each 100kc will now spawn properly." nah