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  1. I have to agree with @Ampy on this one.
  2. Welcome back and good luck.
  3. Morality?

    As sad as this is, it is your fault. I've been scammed a SGS on osrs from a friend of 4 years and that ended my trust trade spree for anyone. It's sad to choose pixels over friendship and the fact that he did it on an RSPS makes it even more sad. Hopefully this doesn't demotivate you. Keep up the work.
  4. Thanks! I thought about adding in those regular achievements of OS-V in it but I figured most would be achieved along the way if not very close to being completed apart from a few. But yeah, If I do deem it fit post-max to add them in, I most defiantly will. Myth cape is the end goal of course. Thanks! Hoping to achieve an account as great as yours <3
  5. I feel like the Saradomin brew (4) and Super Restore (4) reqs to purchase shouldn't be there, it should instead be the herblore level. Everything on the potions other than that looks fine. The Herb box is pretty fair, 2 purchases an hour I like that cap. The coal bag is pretty OP in my opinion for unlimited coal, especially because rune bars/addy bars are gruesome to make because of how many coal you need for that ratio. Maybe allow coal to be reduced to the same way it is in Blast Furnace on OSRS. It cuts the amount of coal required by half. Maybe allow it to only have 200 Coal at a time so you have to occasionally refill it. The Gloves of Silence seem to be somewhat OP as well but I feel like that'd be pretty fair. Maybe give the user a 25% chance of getting double yield, and when they do they have a chance at double xp for that trap. The Strung Rabbit Foot is pretty fair in my opinion, but with how easy of a skill thieving is, it should be reduced to a 10% chance of receiving a 2nd item. The only thing I'd say to this is monitor spamclicking a bit more apart from the random quizzes that appear on screen to ensure this isn't easily abused. But I doubt it would be considering someone with 1.9k+ total and 120k raid points wouldn't risk their account I'd feel.
  6. @Indian and I (mainly Indian) came up with a suggestion for raids, and I feel like this could be added to the game quite easily at how great of a job the current owners are doing. Here it is: Add in Raids potions to be bought with Raid Points after each run. Currently in one solo raid you use (on average) 7-8 brews. I feel that while yeah we can buy Overloads, it should be fair we can also buy the other potions. I know it is going to viewed as bad because raids can be a nice brew-sink to the community, but maybe we can add in a little spice and give each potion the respective herblore level requirement as well. Xeric's aid (+) = A potion that boosts the players Hitpoints and Defence, while draining the players Strength, Attack, Magic, and Ranged. It can be made ONLY with 78 herblore. Revitalisation (+) = A potion that restores the players stats and drained prayer. It can be made ONLY with 78 herblore. Prayer Enhance (+) = A potion that restores the players prayer over the course of 290 seconds (5 minutes pretty much). It can only be made with 78 Herblore. Overload (+) = A potion that boosts all the players combat stats by 6 + 16% (works fine), while damaging the player for 50 HP. This boost is repeated every 15 seconds for five minutes until the effects wear off, and the player is then healed 50 HP. It can only be made with 90 Herblore. Here's what I'm proposing. Add in all these potions in the shop to be bought with Raid Points (I know overloads already are, and they deserve to be 1.5k points). Add in Xeric's Aid + Revitalization + Prayer Enhance Potion's for Raid Points as well. Allow us ONLY to be able to buy these potions with the respective herblore level required. Points-wise: Overloads allow them to remain at 1.5k Points as I feel it's justified and fair. Indian told me you can receive 2,800 points per solo run. Allow each Xeric's Aid/Revitalization/Prayer Enhance potions to be purchased from the raid shop for 50-100 Raid Points each. It makes sense to make them low points as you will end up using about 7-8 Brews a run. Points can be adjusted based on what the Owners want them to be. I kind of feel its justified having the Herblore level requirement being there because at the point of this post, we can't skill in raids, so we might as well be forced to have the requirement at least to use them. ********THESE POTIONS WILL OBVIOUSLY ONLY BE ALLOWED TO BE USED IN RAIDS******** That's all =) Thanks' for reading the post and let me know what you guys think about this.
  7. @Park I understand now, thanks for actually responding. While pathing is a major negative to a server, a forum active owner who listens and replies to the community is a major plus. Don't change and keep up the good work, hopefully Matt and yourself can find someone suitable enough to take on this role as soon as possible.
  8. Congratulations to both. Chase and Custom both have been really helpful to me whenever I've needed help and answered almost immediately everytime. Well deserved, keep up the good work @Chase @Custom
  9. Hey guys, I'm just going to get right into it. After playing the server for 20 hours and doing alot of different things, the BIGGEST turn-off for the server is honestly the pathing system. Here is what I mean: On 07: I'm standing 5 feet from an npc and nothing is between us and I have range, and the npc is attacking me with range. I can attack the npc with range. On Os-Veldahar: I'm standing 5 feet from an npc and nothing is between us and I have range, and the npc is attacking me with range. I CAN'T attack the npc with range unless i stand in a strange spot. This plays a huge role in things such as fight caves, inferno, some bosses, and other npcs. It really is annoying and I've wasted 2 hours in the inferno dying to things that should not have happened. I can get to wave 45-ish on OSRS inferno but I can't manage a few waves here because the mager/ranger can attack you at the same time while standing on top of each other, and when you try to shift them and move them around, they don't properly unstack. Some players told me to relog, but when this happens in the way that it keeps happening to me, there's no safespot and they're on me from the moment they spawn. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel as though rather than updating the server and adding newer content, the owners should not focus on new content. We already have plenty to offer to new players, lots of goals, etc. I think they should mainly focus now only on fixing pathing, attack range fixes, and overall patching the bugs and things that many rsps's do not have. This is just something to think about, I obviously will not be quitting over this, but it is a major thing that should be fixed. Sara
  10. I support it as long as the dragon spear special is similar to the way OSRS works at the moment.
  11. Hey, thanks King Tyras! Thanks my precious Ampy!
  12. Hello everyone, I havn't had a chance to introduce myself to you all either so I'll do it here too. My name is Sara and I've been playing RS for 11 years. I play this alongside my OSRS account that is nearly maxed out. I love the game and this community really strikes me as a fantastic one. Everyone is respectful and active, I love it. Now that you got to know me, let's get into my goals for this server! **UPDATING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT** PRIORITIES ATM = Max Cape Color Codes: Green = Completed Red = Not Done/Work in Progress Max Cape (907 Total Level + 0/22 99's) 90/99 Attack 90/99 Strength 90/99 Defence 90/99 Ranged 91/99 Prayer 96/99 Magic 1/99 Runecraft 1/99 Hunter 93/99 Hitpoints 1/99 Agility 1/99 Herblore 85/99 Thieving 1/99 Crafting 1/99 Fletching 1/99 Slayer 1/99 Mining 1/99 Smithing 85/99 Fishing 85/99 Cooking 1/99 Firemaking 1/99 Woodcutting 1/99 Farming Achievement Cape Varrock - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Ardougne - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Desert - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Falador - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Fremennik - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Kandarin - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Karamja - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Lumbridgee & Draynor - Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Morytania- Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Western- Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Wilderness- Easy - Medium - Hard - Elite Infernal Cape Attempts - 0/X Gear Goals Jewelry: Seers Ring (i) Archers Ring (i) Berserker Ring (i) Amulet of Fury Amulet of Torture Occult Necklace Necklace of Anguish Godwar Items: Armadyl Godsword Saradomin Godsword Zamorak Godsword Bandos Godsword Zamorakian Spear Armadyl Crossbow Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Chainskirt Misc Items: Toxic Staff of the Dead Trident of the Swamp Toxic Blowpipe Serpentine Helmet Primordial Boots Pegasion Boots Eternal Boots Dragonfire Shield Dragon Warhammer Spirit Shields: Elysian Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield Raid Items: Ancestral Hat Ancestral Robe Top Ancestral Robe Bottoms Kodai Wand Twisted Bow Dragon Claws Elder Maul Dragon hunter Crossbow Dragon Harpoon Twisted Buckler Prayers: Arcane Prayer Scroll Dexterous Prayer Scroll Preserve Prayer Thanks for reading my thread and here's to some great memories! Sara