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  1. Can't die with 200m defence right?
  2. KBD Pet 200M Magic Edit: Inferno Dragon Pickaxe Occult Necklace
  3. In-game Name: Tema Rank Needed: Sponsor Proof of Rank: https://i.imgur.com/4PdJWxX.png
  4. Start a series where you abuse admin powers
  5. Hello friends, feel free to post your myth guild background here to get feedback & show off your hard work. Here's mine:
  6. Support. I hope you're kidding about calling Ampy lazy. By moving the bank closer it would make fishing (an already easy & quick skill) faster & easier.
  7. Considering there's 1 active staff member, another would be welcome. Preferably with some demotions though.
  8. gz, now can we make two more changes to the staff team? 🤔
  9. Owner Matt - you came online once which is alright i guess. pls hire a developer though. Administrator Park - make scamming bannable .... Insta - not active but has fair excuse. good videos Moderator Precision - inactive so no feedback atm Elpsu - inactive so no feedback atm Wengs - weng weng Allbymyself - inactive so no feedback atm Chase - literally the only very active staff member. give him admin or some shit matt. Custom - i still love you Helper Halp - @Matt I think a demotion would be fair. Fairly rude and unhelpful, despite his name. I think picking up new support staff to replace him would help fix some of the problems on the server.
  10. No support, banks are close enough. Also some ranks get bonus XP in DZ so remember that. Maybe myths guild or whatever its called can have this though?
  11. Yes I agree that it should be less than alch price.