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  1. Staff: Best Overall - Insta Most Professional - None (lmao) Best Role Model - Insta Most Active - Halp Most Respected - Matt Most active In-game - Halp Most active on Forums - Players: Most Active In-game - Silence Most Active on Forums - Most Wealthy - Silence Most Friendly - Slay Most Respected - Satan Most Helpful - Gtgmrei Most Mature - Coolest Veteran - Best Pker - Satan Best PvMer - Best Skiller - Fatal Floors Best Hardcore Ironman - Corbo Best Ultimate Ironman - Travis Best Ironman - Gtgmrei Best 5x - Meener Naab Funniest - Kindest - Most Annoying - None anymore
  2. Start a series where you abuse admin powers
  3. Hello friends, feel free to post your myth guild background here to get feedback & show off your hard work. Here's mine:
  4. Support. I hope you're kidding about calling Ampy lazy. By moving the bank closer it would make fishing (an already easy & quick skill) faster & easier.
  5. Considering there's 1 active staff member, another would be welcome. Preferably with some demotions though.
  6. gz, now can we make two more changes to the staff team? 🤔
  7. No support, banks are close enough. Also some ranks get bonus XP in DZ so remember that. Maybe myths guild or whatever its called can have this though?
  8. Yes I agree that it should be less than alch price.
  9. Suggestion title: let ironmen sell to general store Suggestion long description: let thy ironmen selleth to ye olde general store Suggestion additional information: i like the general store, maybe make it a diary reward?