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    dark brother all the best any other rsps you play hit my up, thank you for everything hope to see again! see you soon my brother
  2. +1 amazing thread with amazing ideas!
  3. hey all (or what is left of you ) this is concering the future of the server, I know most people that care about us want to keep the server online. In my opinion i think things need to get changed by matt and this is what i belive should happen please let me know what you think. 1) the updates we are promised are released. 2) the ownership of the server is passed on to an active admin that has already donated a fair amount to the server. for example dark, he has offered to spend his own money on a gfx designer to make forums and things better... as well as this chase is active and is a very good helper. Maybe matt should leave them to run it while being able to create updates and have "head admin" if it means that much. i personally would happily help with forums creation and help where i can if i can and im sure alot of people will. both these mods are amazing for the help they give and for staying active so much love. 3) new mods and admins getting rid of the inactive ones to give the older players there spotlight to keep them here. (this doesnt mean get rid of the active ones) 4) NO MORE PISSING RESETS 5) weekly masses again to get a closer community as we expand. i hope this is a fair idea and hope matt pays attention to it. If the server does not last you are all my rs family and play osrs if you ever needed me.. let me know what you think of my thread thanks boys!
  4. just a guide i will be adding to and intending to make a very useful guide. This is all personal preference and can be changed alot of different ways. 1) The first thing i would do is get up to 60 thieving for master farmer and use the cash you made on avas and also climbing boots. 2) now you got some money and avas and stuff you need to start the hunter grind. you are aiming for a very high 89 hunter but it needs to be done so you may as well knock it out early. the aim of this is mainly lucky imps. these are for clue scrolls of a random tier. the hunter guide to use is 1-99 hunter. another positive to getting hunter done is getting chins, these are the best way to get range and def exp. use these on ankous to hit multiple npc's at once. at this point you have many options you can do. in this section i will cover the combat / pvm side of things my next part will have skilling. GOING FOR COMBAT. 1) If you got hunter done, hunt some dragon imps for the bones if not get some basic range gear head to rock crabs for 40-50 range. now you have this head to slayer teleport and mithril dragons. these can be safespoted behind all the taller rocks. kill these until you have the bones for 43+ prayer. 2) now you have pray i advise you head to ankou and use chins to gain a high range level. you should use on defensive to gain def range and hp levels 3) The best thing to do at this point is wilderness slayer. this is the best thing for points/ emblems / blood money. on these tasks you should train your melee stats up and on the lower level tasks eg skeletons, hobgoblins, red spiders you should aim for 55 mage. with emblems you should buy row (i) scroll and msb (i) scroll as they are the best targets. with blood money you should aim for most of the items in the shop. to start with GET VOID. this is the best thing to spend blood money on at the start. this is because void can be used as an easy tribrid at raids , dks , barrows pretty much most things void can be used. 4) the worst grinds are still yet to come and now you are able to start entering the pvming level you need to start skilling to maximize the efficiency. i will put a list to mythicals complete skilling guide http://osveldahar.org/forum/index.php?/topic/39-complete-skilling-guide/ this skilling guide is a great place to learn to speed through skills at the best rates and also use "help" cc they are very helpful and will point you in the right direction on pretty much most things. the next part to this guide is going to be the items that are dropped by each boss or very helpful monsters and the rates that items are dropped at. dagannoth kings - dragon axe , seer's ring ,archer ring, berserker ring , warrior ring all 1/138 dagannoth prime - mud battlestaff 1/ 40 no requirements but fremmenik elite diary advised for noted bones kraken - 87 slayer required to kill and requires slayer task UNLESS killing in wilderness. the wilderness kraken is lower drop rates. this is sub level 30 so super easy to escape just use glory charge to escape pkers. trident and tent are both dropped at the rate of 1/317 but very good boss for skilling supplies such as raw monks and sharks and also great for barrage runes zulrah - 1/200 magic fang /tanz fang / serp helm / onyx.... 1/800 mutagen (2 diff colours) and jar of the swamp. this boss has amazing basic drops for skilling items GWD: Bandos - hilt / bcp/ tassets / boots are all in a 1/384 shards are 1/149 zammy - hilt 1/250 ... shards / staff of the dead/ zammy spear are all 1/149 sara - hilt / acb are 1/258 .... shards / sara light are 1/127 armadyl - hilt / armadyl armour piece 1 /384 shards ar 1/149 olm (raids) - the chance of any raids items are 1/54 but is very good for skilling supplies and money but reqiures 1900 total there are alot of money makers in game and all boses are the best way to aim for money or crafting uncuts (buy from crafter and sell to gen store for profit) i hope this guide helps and i will do some guides on bosses in the near future, let me know what guides you want to see. thanks all and peace!
  5. maybe add a serperate donor zone for this that have some benefits but not all the benefits of people that pay real money because thats not fair on them, or even have a 3 day playtime requirement or something or maybe dz without the slayer cave? but do personally love the idea
  6. i love playing osv don't get me wrong its the best server i played but i do love proper runescape as well, if you all are the same hit me up on old school or on osv, osv accounts are: iron scim- 1905 total level 5x scim- 750 total runescim- dont really play or add me on proper old school: kickmehazard- normal use (daily) back2barrows - ironman ( might be on this account) hope to see some of you soon and if you want any osv guiddes just ask ill try sorting something for you. PEACE