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  1. Video Ideas

    Do a UIM, I'd like to see the struggles of that.
  2. Just introducing myself, played a long time ago for awhile but got caught up with IRL problems. I'm back now though as an active Veldaharian!
  3. Haven't tried out raids yet, but from your explanation of raids I believe these are some great suggestions. Maybe some raids 2 items could be thrown in such as the new defender and what not. You have my vote though. +1
  4. A lot of it seems a little overkill, I like how the Ironman progress goes along right now it makes the game a lot more interesting. All the bonuses in exp and stuff would be boring, why make an Ironman account easier than a normal account with all of that? It's supposed to be a challenge right? I do agree on maybe adding Dragon Scimitar to a semi-difficult NPC other than bosses, because training with a rune scimitar to max is not realistic IMO.