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  1. Nice update! Glad to see it
  2. Selling contributor scroll - offer! Taking as items as cash
  3. Hey people, my suggestion is to improve the market of osv with removing items from the stores or make the amount very low in the store. For example nature runes: They are needed for alches, and they are very easy to get. If people could only buy them from people, or get them from pvming, then there will be a little market for those runes. What do you think?
  4. An 2 way authenticator would be great. You have my Support
  5. My suggetion is to update the ring of wealth with an an home teleport and an revenant ether collector. Why? The ring costs a lot of vote tickets its between 35-50m, so i think it could be a little bit more upgraded. thx
  6. Thats of course the simplest way
  7. Hello, my suggestion is a little change in the buying options. I think it would be very helpful and comfortable if the last value of buying would be saved, to continue buying instead of typing it in or using the buy 10 option. It should be a little update with a great result. Thx
  8. This will keep the eco stable
  9. Very well said. The server needs a second developer or a third one! The potential is there but it's not exhausted yet like it had to be. Also we need a marketing manager, a person who has a lot of clerks knowledge, to push the server with the cheapest mediums until the server and the community recovers.
  10. I would take 10 dollars for my ironman!