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  1. Thank you Matt! next update maybe a mobile version?
  2. Finally Mr. Matt! Keep going and don't let it fall down again!
  3. Hello guys, my suggestion is to increase the drop rates about 10-20 percent. I know that osv is an pure eco-server, but i think this Change would not only increase the amount of Players but also the whole economy. People would start pking more and more because they're able to get the items a Little bit easier as before. For example a dh risk fight would not ruin your bank after loosing it, as it would now. Even the trading market would be increased by that Change - it will be much faster to generate Money by high alching for example - the whole economy would work fleuntly. What do you think?
  4. I can only Support this question. I see the next reset is incoming... Playing this Server again for hours untill you decide to reset it - not cool.
  5. I love you Matt. I hope you make more of your potential as an runescape private server owner and developer. Get your piece of the cake ;]
  6. Damn i just had some memories about the time i joined osv for the first time...6 years ago and i have spent a lot of time here. It's nice to think of these memories. This server was better than playing osrs I hope that Matt and the whole OSV Community will make the server great again.
  7. Uhhh uhhh, glad to hear that. I hope you design it user-friendly and rewarding.. I will give it try for the last time
  8. Selling contributor scroll - offer! Taking as items as cash
  9. Hey people, my suggestion is to improve the market of osv with removing items from the stores or make the amount very low in the store. For example nature runes: They are needed for alches, and they are very easy to get. If people could only buy them from people, or get them from pvming, then there will be a little market for those runes. What do you think?
  10. An 2 way authenticator would be great. You have my Support
  11. My suggetion is to update the ring of wealth with an an home teleport and an revenant ether collector. Why? The ring costs a lot of vote tickets its between 35-50m, so i think it could be a little bit more upgraded. thx
  12. Thats of course the simplest way
  13. Hello, my suggestion is a little change in the buying options. I think it would be very helpful and comfortable if the last value of buying would be saved, to continue buying instead of typing it in or using the buy 10 option. It should be a little update with a great result. Thx