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  1. Ended up getting ddef at 143 kc, feelsgoodman.
  2. Yes I am aware, I was letting older players know in case they used the same information from the last time. Stated it was from R-S thread.
  3. That and he's donated at least $1,000 which is a chargeback they wouldn't want. Compared to someone donated in your name as well.
  4. Do your multiple accounts have bank pins? If so, than no point in your statement.
  5. That sounds like an excuse for option 2, because people say they haven't seen an account "9" online. That and he could have sold the items for $ (in-game or RWT), no point in to just drop it and log out.
  6. Than I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you, because now I am on your side. Disappointed and Staff will need a better answer for this than what was provided.
  7. Hey

    Just wanted to say hello, I joined earlier today...only been doing combat so I can get into slayer/pvm etc. Not a fan of letting people know about my public life, as I don't really care to entertain strangers online. See you around.
  8. Yeah check out the second part I added after you quoted me. As long as you didn't use the same password for site+in-game, than it's option 2. Because the forums+game are not integrated so it wouldn't be a DB leak, unless where the files are hosted someone has hacked...which I doubt.
  9. Well if the password was also not one used in the previous game than 1 of 2 things is going on. There is a current database leak or staff attempted a eco clean via certain accounts. Also if you didn't use the same password for forums as in-game than it has be option 2. Option 1 would only work if the forums + game were integrated or if you used the same password.
  10. I don't have an answer for that, but passwords in this day and age are not secure. A bank pin adds an extra layer of security the more numbers you use, but the only way to even be a bit safe these days is 2FA. Anything can be hacked these days is the sad truth, it's not hard to do at all. Emails, passwords, databases, etc all are vulnerable. Everything you type is being monitored as we speak for keywords. The clear net is some bull shit, but it''s what normal people are used to and is their risk when using. This case will be a matter of hearsay because if we are making this a conspiracy...Gert could be lying or Staff could be lying. Will never know without proof that he formatted his comp/changed passwords. As we do know the DB is leaked/virus etc. At the end of the day sad to see happen.
  11. Nono I forgot to pick up the first one, and got another defender b2b....LOOOOOL fml.
  12. It seems that only OLD players of this game are being compromised. (After re-launch?) When the server got leaked (going off Rune-Server), there was a trojan. Also it seems the db was sold to multiple people after a bid war. If it's the same password you used on the old version of the game that is why, unless your infected by a virus/trojan. I recommend anyone who played the older game to download Microsoft Essentials and run a scan AFTER downloading Malawarebytes and running a FULL scan. Also check your startup and "msconfig.exe" for anything "unknown". GL fellow players.
  13. Has anyone ever seen the account "9" ever on anyway? New here but that sounds so far fetched and sketch...WTF.
  14. Ign : Mainly Combat level (100+) : 123