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  1. supreme killed me somehow, even tho i was praying range, i looked away for 1 second and then i was dead
  2. Not at all, every server ive played ive always maxed as an ironman, and to be honest its boring to max. And ive made it further than most people with my account build. Just unfortunate i died as i rarely do.
  3. It was a good run being a hardcore, stats as i died
  4. i honestly think 1,500 is perfectly fine, then everyone has a chance to participate in olm, you're all thinking about mains etc, but not concentrating on everyone people build pure's and with a 1,800 total+ im pretty sure you're taking away their chance to join in olm masses
  5. Suggestion title: Buff Doomsayer Suggestion long description: I think doomsayer should be buffed abit more as currently it only has torso, fighter hat, void and amulet of the dammed. Im currently a pure and i have bloody money but cant use any as the store only has items for 42 def +. Can we maybe add items that pure's will be able to buy and use along side the current items items in the shop thanks. Suggestion additional information:
  6. i have a 328i E36 Coupe, and Currently in Storage a Mk4 Supra
  7. Hello this is my first ever introduction to a server haha. Name: Sam Age: 23 What do i do in my spare time: working on my drift car haha. Ingame: Draynor Rank: HCIM Im usually known for making 1/10 def hardcore ironmans. People normally ask why 1 def or 10 def? i get bored of maxing out accounts and the excitement of achieving rare items as a low combat and def is unreal knowing that any time i could possible die and lose my status