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  1. I've been around for a long time, under different alias' as I played from before till now, and all that's happened is a decrease in playerbase. Updates need to be done, regardless of who the owner is, or who it will be. If you can't find the time to code yourself, find someone who can. I don't know Dark personally, but if he can help with providing updates, and getting OSV back on its feet then go for it. I wouldn't mind one more reset, under one condition. Updates begin being made. If updates are being added, I would give it one final go, but that's it.
  2. I agree with this fully, especially the 50 kc head. My only concern is if this is implemented will the players who already have 50 kc be compensated with the head?
  3. Not just because it's what I said, but because anyone can just get 99 mage and instantly go wildy tb/barrage everyone. Adding the ability to a higher end achievement like the max cape would allow incentive to skill, and work towards an ability like that. Could be 5 times a day, or just unlimited at this point, because achieving the cape would be enough work for the power behind spellbook swapping.
  4. Well, this is not true at all. I had around 2050 total with 1 hunter because of myself dreading it. So it's not forced to have hunter just evenly level the skills, not a hard thing for a chance at one of the rarest items in game.
  5. I agree with the idea of the tele, but also with Aediion's point. Would need a decrease there to make it a fairer playground for agility.
  6. I def agree with this! More spots would help with the overflow of players mining.
  7. What's the purpose of one person donating for a rank, and being able to do both. This would require another player to donate and get the rank just to fp them. Only other way of fping would be them planting both lines, and that could just lead to a higher chance of scam attempts. "The first line was mine, not yours."
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  9. Mithril Seeds - From what I've heard, at this current state and time the mithril seeds will only be obtainable via opening mystery boxes. This limits the gambling for the most part, because a player must donate and rely on luck to receive the seeds. A huge percentage of the rsps community are gamblers, and fping is widely known server to server. Why not introduce a shop that can sell mithril seeds (donor only, or to everyone, staffs choice). 100k a seed for instance would be a fair price in my opinion, cleaning 500k per person and 1m per game played in fp (not counting replants, or just fun planting). This would start lowering the amount of money that's inside the game as the gambling progresses. 100k was my thought out price, because the donor stall at ::dz gives around 175k an inventory, and it's not that hard to get. The price of course is completely up to the staff team, but what better option is there to include a huge gambling opportunity to the server along with a money sink.
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