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  1. Sell server to someone who wants it and reset everything.
  2. Information: Slayer store needs more items to buy once you have all the items there's nothing to really spend your points on besides canceling task. Here are some ideas of items that I've thought of Lucky Implings - 60 points each Crystal Keys - 25 points each Ancient Shards - 10 points each Please if you have any suggestion on what you would like to see put it below.
  3. Information: First of all, our server needs a money sink. Right now the only thing I can think of to remove money from the economy is the teleport system at donator zone. Would be nice to change our Well of Goodwill. Make it so that players can put in any amount of money and once a total of 50m (a price I think is fair, open for discussion) is reached the WOGW will roll a random perk and it would last for 4 hours. Here are some ideas of the perks I think are reasonable. Double Points - Slayer, Pest Control, etc. Double Resources - 10% chance to yield an additional resource while skilling. Increase Drop Rate% - 5% global increased drop rate. Bonus XP - I'm not really a fan of this one because we have BXP every weekend as an incentive to bring players in on the weekends but it's something we can all vote on. Please comment how you feel on this or any perks you think would find fitting for this, thanks for reading.
  4. Do you even read the post before commenting? OT: Full support for shop changes, would be nice to actually have an economy for skilling items and basic gear.
  5. So I just tested this with another player, you aren't able to move around but you can still talk on the account. If that can be changed to no talking as well then that would be wonderful!
  6. It's more than just losing items. Notice how I mentioned key words about ANYTHING MALICIOUS on your account. Should it be flaming to get perm muted or suiciding someones hardcore ironman. Ultimate Ironmen already have this implemented because they can't just "bank" their items. It shouldn't be hard to make this available for anyone.
  7. It's more vote incentive. Crafting is in no way "fast". For a guy that would post a suggestion like the picture above then say what you just said makes absolute no sense.
  8. Information: If an account has a bank pin enabled make it so you're not able to make any actions on the account until the correct bank pin is entered. This would prevent anyone who gained access to another players account from doing anything malicious.
  9. Information: Make Brown Apron available in vote store, this item would count as a "skilling item" and would cost 100 vote tickets. It would boost the xp rate of Crafting by whatever % you find fitting.
  10. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be taking an extended break from OSV. I've had a lot of fun playing it the past 2 months but I've got to find something else to do. Maybe I'll be back maybe I won't. We'll just have to wait and see. Want to give a huge thanks to everyone who I made friends with you guys are great. Hope to see you all in the future but for now this is goodbye. Just kidding, I'm not going anywhere.
  11. Bump. Sale Updated with new picture.
  12. I like our current forums tbh.