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  1. I knew him as a staff member when I played, can't see a reason not to support Halp. +1 from me.
  2. Heya, I took a huge break from OSV, Glad to be back! Good to see the updates!
  3. Oooh damn, updates!! Glad to see the forums activity going back up! Time to rejoin!
  4. Don't worry man. As u said, it's out of your reach. I hope it'll get sorted soon.
  5. Thanks for putting the server back online. I'll try my best to be a better person <3
  6. Congratz on the 3rd age platebody dude! Ironman aswell!! Picture:
  7. Lovely! Congratulations both of you!
  8. wb You might wanna edit your signature, there are no links bound to 'The herblore guide, The price guide, Grahix' yw.
  9. Suggestion Title: Trusted Gambler rank. A trusted member rank, is given to a player who has paid numberous amounts of winnings, and who is trusted by the community and the Os-Veldahar Staffteam. Information about the suggestion: Disclaimers: 1. This rank doesn’t give the player any benefits, other then being rewarded for his honesty and trustworthy (gambling related) 2. This player may have received the Trusted Gambler status, but this doesn’t mean that we can Guarantee a 100% safe way of gambling. So, don’t forget to ALWAYS RECORD your stakes & gambles. 3. May a Trusted Gambler scam you, in Any way, report this to the staff team. Don’t make a scène, this will not benefit your situation. The member‘s ranks will be removed, he will be banned, and you will receive your items back. (Only the items you offered will be given back to you) 4. A Trusted Gambler (or mmer) can't charge anything for being used as a middleman, he can however accept gifts, of those who think he earns something for doing so.
  10. +1. Would be a very nice feature to see added.
  11. Even though we didn't get along together, I'm sure you did a good job on Os-Veldahar. Sorry to see you leave, Goodluck in the future.
  12. I would love these new ranks, I just woudn't like the Bonus drop rates being over 15% tbf! The rest, I will 100% support. Support support Support Support
  13. Buying tbow for a $75 donation. Pm me on forums: Natsuki / Discord: Natsuki#8625 / in-game: Natsuki