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  1. Game Changes: Cerberus ghosts should no longer spawn after cerberus has reached 0 hp, let me know how this works. Runead was removed as an option for voting, other options are being looked into. When logging out while at hydra you will now spawn outside hydras door when logging in. Ferocious gloves can now be used on the machinery to turn them back into leather. Dragon claws special accuracy and damage bonus has been increased slightly, let me know how they are. Items lost at alchemical hydra will now save properly even if you logout.
  2. Good evening, Veldaharians! Todays batch of updates brings some fixes and some qol additions. I am currently working on the next update which will bring new content for you all to enjoy. Get ready for that! Hope you all have a great weekend, a mystery box giveaway is live on our discord until tomorrow so make sure to check that out! Game Changes: You should no longer be 'in combat' with an npc before he actually hits you. Cutting webs in wilderness will no longer make you unable to move. Random events have been disabled at Zalcano. Random events will now be triggered alot less frequently. Infernal eel can now be caught again. Server time has now been changed to GMT+2. The map issues throughout the world has now been sorted. The ugly white treetops have been sorted. All longsword animations have now been sorted and will not glitch you out. Item sprites of fish will now be visible above the fishing spots for new players to easily find them. The client will now send 'fake' xp drops if you are above 200M xp in that skill. Crossbow ammo limitation has been sorted and can now fire the correct bolts. Game timers will now add on for each farming patch and each birdhouse as well. Skeletal mystics and tekton's defence has been lowered slightly. Verzik should no longer spawn spiders as frequent. The latest of oldschool data has been packed and expect to see some new content coming in the near future!
  3. Good day, Veldaharians! Todays update batch is abit larger than usual and comes with a new boss! As well as fixes/edits as per usual the amount of ideas and bugs posted makes me really happy. We appreciate you all and hope you all are enjoying the game. Have a great weekend everybody! Game Changes: Zalcano The skilling boss zalcano has been added to os-veldahar You can get there by teleporting (CTRL+T + 2 + 9) The only requirements for this boss is 70 mining and 66 runecrafting and decent stats. The rock formations are randomly selected with one glowing rock, which grants faster mining. All but one attack is added very similar to osrs. The symbol spawn. Standing on a blue circle grants you higher damage while throwing tephra. The red symbols will hurt you and decrease your run. Zalcano will stomp and large boulders will fall from the roof across the room. I'd suggest avoiding these. Zalcano will shoot a red projectile at a random rock formation, scrambling the order of them completely. Standing close to the chosen rock formation will damage you significantly. Zalcano will randomly spawn a golem which will heal zalcano the amount of health he has when he reaches him. You are able to damage the golem before he reaches zalcano and thus healing zalcano less. You must have at least 150 damage dealt to zalcano and shield combined to be eligible a drop. The mvp will have ashes spawned on the ground. Zalcano has been added ot the collection log. Crystal equipment - Armour and potions are on the todo list You are now able to create crystal equipment as follows: To create the equipment simply use the required material on each other. Crystal axe Required material: x120 Crystal shard, Crystal tool seed and dragon pickaxe The crystal axe is the best in slot axe for skilling Crystal pickaxe Required material: Required material: x120 Crystal shard, Crystal tool seed and dragon pickaxe The crystal pickaxe is the best in slot pickaxe for skilling Crystal harpoon Required material: x120 Crystal shard, Crystal tool seed and Dragon harpoon The crystal harpoon is the best in slot harpoon for skilling Magic Magic accuracy will now play a bigger role, select your best mage gear. Magic bonus damage has been reworked and will now work alot better. Presets Presets can now be used within the donator zone as well as all banks across the world. Two new options has been added to the presets interface. Load inventory Will load all the items you currently have in your inventory to the presets inventory Note that this will replace the current preset items Load equipment Will load all the items you are wearing to the presets equipment Note that this will replace the current preset items Verzik The spiders in verzik fight should now behave alittle better and not be as common. The safe spot in verzik fight should no longer be as common. Misc fixes and additions Ether crafting will now provide the correct amounts of material. The status bars will now have a faded background that should be more soothing to the eyes. When eating above max health, the health will now remain until you are damaged and not reset on its own. Moving through the wheat in puro puro should no longer be bugged. Ring of charos can no longer be used to teleport out from the deep wilderness. You should no longer receive back to back slayer tasks. The whole karuulm dungeon is now lethal if you're not wearing protective boots. The fishing system has been rewamped and made it easier for me to add onto it. You will not notice much difference, but let me know if any issues are found. Alot more items can now be stored within the ultimate iron untradable storage. The command ::mbox has been added in which you can use if you have gotten a free spin but do not have a box. Pvp following has been improved alot, it should now be smoother and all around better than previous. Clicking the kills/deaths stat in quest tab will now force chat the correct kills/deaths. Clicking the kills/deaths stat will now go between and force chat your kills/deaths and k/d ratio. The command ::names has been added which will toggle player names above their head. The animation while casting vengeance has been sorted. An issue where you would keep following npcs when using an item on them has been sorted. Some issues with pk-district (funpk) has been sorted. Toggling "left click-attack" in settings will now move the options for npcs as well. While changing your appearance you are now able to choose all different kinds of outfits. You are now able to extend your drawing distance calculated by the client by using command ::renderdistance 40 (Any number) Using the render distance at a high number will greatly increase memory usage. So be gentle. (Original is 25) Experience counter now has its border and icon to it, making it look more appealing. This feature will be added onto further on. Object shadows have been altered and should now be smoother. Clicking keyboard buttons while in teleportation interface will no longer add them into the chatbox. Rigour prayer will now be disabled properly when toggling off quick-prayers. Hardcore ironmen can now purchase everything from the achievement shop. The visual farming timer now resumes when you login again if you have any patch active.
  4. Good day, Veldaharians! Todays batch brings some fixes and also the addition of amethyst! Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend Game Changes: Iron man groups can now hold 5 teammates again. An issue where players could not walk through some removed objects has been sorted. The konar task of iron dragons within the stronghold slayer cave was removed. Amethyst can now be mined within the mining guild under falador. Amethyst arrows, bolts and javelins can now be created. Amethyst ammo can now be used with the different ranged weapons. Slayer masters now have an additional shop which takes coins. Broad bolts and broad bolt packs have been added to slayer coin shop. (Can be bought by any mode) The bracelet of ethereum now needs to be charged with ether. The bracelet can hold up to 20.000 charges and will break when empty. You can right-click or operate the bracelet to check for remaining charges. The following weapons can now be uncharged and will return ether: Craw's bow Viggora's chainmace Thammaron's sceptre
  5. Good day, veldaharians! Todays batch brings some more fixes towards pathing and some more QOL and also a rewrite of how iron man groups are handled. Note that you will have to re-create your iron man group by using the configuration on adam in edgeville. (Keep the founders the same as previously to have your previous vaults) The 60 minute limit to invite has been disabled for a limited time, so make sure you get on and invite your team as soon as you can. Game Changes: Misc fixes and edits Adding, removing or setting colors to ground items should now be alot easier with the new way to search and pick items. The moonwalking and drag towards npcs should now be fixed for the most part. Let me know if theres anymore issues. The black dragon spawn in taverly dungeon has been moved slightly as it was previously stuck. The regular potion set (1x of each) has been removed from the mystery boxes. The prayer, run and special attack orbs have all been moved and aligned on the left side. Some more tweaks are being done towards the client for the latest of osrs content to come. Group Iron Man The way group iron men were handled server side has been re-made completely. All current groups have been discarded which means you will have to re-create your groups and invite your team. Vaults have remained untouched, so your items are still there. (Group founders must be the same as previous) The playtime limit has been lifted for the time being. Founders can now kick members even if they are offline.
  6. Todays batch includes the end of the easter event, some fixes and some more quality of life additions. Game Changes: The easter event has come to an end. Hope everyone has had a great easter! Sanguinesti staff now works as supposed to again. Konar tasks will no longer go down if you kill the task npc at the wrong place. Alot of the objects who did not work previous update should now work. Some larger npcs should no longer try ty walk towards you when you're in correct distance. (Moonwalking) Cerberus ghost animations has been updated and will no longer freeze. Item drops should no longer announce "unarmed" items, if I missed any let me know. The entrance to kalphite queen is now working again. The roof jump on varrocks rooftop will no longer damage you if you relog at that position. The skill filter option can now quickly be enabled/disabled from your quest tab. NPC Killcount messages can now be enabled/disabled from your quest tab. The experience gained from fletching arrows now go along with other xp. Dagannoth kings has been added to the collection log, previous loot has not been logged before hence why it might be empty.
  7. Good day, Veldaharians! Some more fixes with todays batch along with some additional features such as sounds&music, special attack orb and status bars! Hope you all enjoy and have a great easter! Game Changes: The collection log for verzik will now show the avernic defender hilt as supposed to instead of the defender. Killing olm will now count towards kebos diary. Some items that previously could not be dropped now can. The imbued god capes now provide +2% magic damage bonus. Decanting potions with bob the carter now properly completes the varrock diary task. When clicking inside the player owned shop, the scrollbar will now automatically go to the top. You should no longer be able to get alchemical hydra as task if you have not learnt about it. Ranging should no longer drag you towards the npc if you are Some new client quality of life features have been added: Status bars, you can enable/disable these within the settings menu. They will scale and move dependant on your client size. Special attack orb Works just like it should, can enable/disable by clicking on it. Shows your current special attack amount left. Sound & Music is finally here! Some sounds has been added to certain weapons, skills, objects etc.. But the rest will be added as we go along. Regional music, alot of regions and their different music has been added. (Note: We are missing quite alot and will be adding more as we go along.) To enable sounds and music, go into your settings tab and up the volume. (Note, some music/sounds can be loud. So i'd suggest dropping the volume a little)
  8. Good day, Veldaharians! Today brings some updates to our current mystery boxes, but also some well needed configurations for the upcoming updates. Hope you all are having a good time Game Changes: Regular mystery boxes, Iron man mystery boxes and Super mystery boxes has all been edited some. Most items that did not have any value have been removed and some other items have been added instead. A new interface has been added where you can spin your boxes! You can also right-click the boxes to quick-open them if you do not wish to spin. The amount of boxes you have opened will now count and show on the interface. Rather than getting double loot from a box you can now receive free spins which basically is the same. You can view the possible loot while in the spin interface and also the latest loot. With this update you will now get 1 extra mystery box with every purchase for a limited time. All the money obtained from this will be going towards the advertisements which is coming the upcoming days. Some more backend issues have been sorted and we are currently working on some new bosses.
  9. Good day, Veldaharians. Another batch of some fixes and addition to the client has been applied. Hope you all enjoy. Game Changes: Clicking the consecutive tasks text in quest tab will now tell you the bonus point amounts of your master. Pathing for larger npcs have been altered some more, let me know how it works out. Wilderness task amounts should now be a little larger. Global moderators text color has been changed to a slightly darker color. The bank will now open when you correctly enter your bank-pin rather than having to click the bank again. Alchemical hydra will now count towards your slayer task if you have regular hydra. Other players pet options are now hidden for you. You can now move your own pet options within the settings.
  10. Some fixes that were necessary, let us know if theres anything else that needs to be tweaked, fixed or added. Thanks for playing Game Changes: The dawnbringer now only uses 10% special for an attack. You will now spawn in the middle room after skeletal mystics again. Some more edits have been done to npc clipping, it should now be smoother. Let me know if there are any issues. Some objects/walls/roofs that were previously missing should no longer be. Olm droptable has been lowered some more. -= Very rare table has been decreased from 1/200 to 1/100. -= Rare table has been decreased from 1/45 to 1/35.
  11. Good day, Veldaharians! Another batch of updates is coming here, including a new diary! The Kourend & Kebos diary! Hope you all are enjoying your playtime. I am currently looking into some projectile pathing issues with range especially, should be sorted soon. Game Changes: When entering verzik, the dawnbringer will now spawn on the ground if you do not have the space for it. The verzik safe-spot phase will now show you a graphic where your specific safe spot is. (phase 3) Ents drops are now all noted. All vote pages have been sorted and now work properly. Slayer helmets have been fixed, they will now only work on tasks as supposed to. Slayer helmets now provide accurate bonuses towards magic as well. The command ::tob has been added which brings you right outside verzik entrance. Sorted olm objects going black after an animation. Olm droptable has been changed slightly. -= Very rare table was decreased from 1/250 to 1/200 -= Rare table was decreased from 1/60 to 1/45 -= Uncommon table was decreased from 30 to 25 The Sinhaza Shroud capes tier 1-5 will now be dealt out to those who kill verzik. -= Tier 1: 10 Kills -= Tier 2: 25 Kills -= Tier 3: 50 Kills -= Tier 4: 100 Kills -= Tier 5: 250 Kills Kourend & Kebos diary Perks Easy -= Rada's Blessing 1 - Can teleport to Woodlands -= 10% chance to receive an extra brimstone key on drop. Medium -= Rada's Blessing 2 - Can teleport to Woodlands and next to konar. 1+ Prayer bonus -= 20% chance to receive an extra brimstone key on drop. Hard -= Rada's Blessing 3 - Can teleport to Woodlands and next to konar. 1+ Prayer Bonus -= 30% chance to receive an extra brimstone key on drop. Elite -= Rada's Blessing 4 - Can teleport to Woodlands and next to konar. +2 Prayer bonus -= 40% chance to receive an extra brimstone key on drop. -= Can craft soul runes directly from abyss rather then having to teleport to the altar. -= Will not need boots of stone while within the karuulm dungeon.
  12. Good day, Veldaharians! It has been abit since the last update, but heres a little larger batch than usual with alot of suggestions, additions and fixes. Including the most complained issue has now been reworked, pathing! Hope you all enjoy the update and have a great easter. Game Changes: Our very outdated pathing has been reworked for some time now and it's finally finished! Valueable drop announcement will now state the players killcount as well. Ornate pool will no longer reset boosted stats. Tab-to-reply towards ex-staff rank now works as intended. Master clue caskets will no longer reward shared loot such as runes and others. The blood money shop has been re-added. -- It now follows travis idea on required killcount to purchase certain items. You can read more on that Here. Staff members are now able to enable bonus barrows events where the droprate for barrows pieces and resource reward will be boosted. Crystal bows, halberds and shield can now be worn again. Dagannoths within the catacombs are now aggressive. Arclight accuracy has been buffed slightly. The client has been put up to speed with backend upgrades. Adding/removing items from player owned shops will no longer cut off items on the lists. All ironman modes can now purchase anything from the pest control squire. All implings can now be caught barehanded if you have the requirements. Super antifire potions will now become the right potion when drinking it. The pest control minerals pack has been replaced by a secondaries pack, that when opened will grant some random secondaries. Barrows chest now contains secondaries as rewards as well. All npcs within the wild should now at least drop bones if they do not have a droptable. You are now able to turn a trident of the seas(e) to a trident of the swamp(e) by using a magic fang on it. A new voting system has been added, this one should work better then the previous one. Wyrm essence drops will now be dropped in noted form. Killing npcs while on task from konar but not in the right location, task amount will decrease but will not grant any experience. Easter ring and ring of stone has been added to the ingame donator store. Group Iron Man leaders now have the option to kick a member from their group. Only requirements are that the player you want to kick has to be online and aware. When being kicked from a group, your rank will remain the same. If you are kicked two times you are no longer able to join someone elses group. Abusing this system for something negative will lead to the group being dismissed. Global item spawns has been added -= Some of the items being spawned are: --= Eye of newt --= Limpwurt root --= White berries --= Snape grass --= Red spider eggs --= Blue dragon scales --= Jangerberries --= Mort myre fungus --= Wine of zamorak --= Potato cactus -= And they are spread out through the locations below --= Karamja --= Wilderness --= Taverley dungeon --= Waterbirth island --= Lumbridge + swamp --= Edgeville dungeon --= Outside ogre island by castle wars --= Kalphite hive Droprates have been quite high for some time now and we do not see enough items coming in for an economy, so we've decresed the drop-rates significantly for the below: --= Alchemical Hydra (And small hydras) --= Callisto --= Cerberus --= Chaos Fanatic --= Commander Zilyana --= Corporeal Beast --= Crazy Archaeologist --= Demonic Gorilla --= Drake (Over 50%!) --= General Graardor --= Kalphite Queen --= King Black Dragon (Over 50%!) --= Kree'Arra --= Kril Tsutsaroth --= Lizardman Shaman --= Vet'ion --= Vorkath Run-energy now works as intended: --= Without any bonus equipment or potions you will be deducted one energy point every two tiles you run. --= With any graceful equipment pieces the amount of tiles will be (2 + (Amount of pieces you are wearing) --= When drinking a stamina potion, the amount of tiles will be (tiles + 4) New commands has been added for easier access to certain things: --= ::discord (Opens a web browser with our discord invite link) --= ::barrows (Quick teleport to the barrows minigame) --= ::dze (Quick teleport to the east in donator zone) Theatre of blood has been enabled again with verzik vitur boss fight. The boss has been reworked some and droprates have been increased. Easter Event --= The easter bunny has been captured by a zoo keeper and needs your help to get free. --= Speak to the bunny in edgeville. --= The easter bunny will have a reward for you upon helping him. --= The yellow/orange skin color can now only be used by players whom completed the easter event. --= While this bunny is kind, the evil chickens have their own agenda of trying to take over edgeville. --= Fight them off for some cosmetic loot.
  13. Evening, Veldaharians. Today brings some bug fixes and quite some back-end to the client and server for future updates. We're currently looking into some disconnection issues which only seems to occur in certain times. (Pretty much the same time every day) Advertisements through different sites and youtubers are also in the works (Has been for the last month) I've gotten some replies and some still not available until march. Game Changes: Dragon hunter crossbow now works as supposed to with it's additional bonuses towards draconig creatures including olm. The client has received quite some optimisation and should run somewhat smoother. Bottomless bucket can now be stored in the ultimate iron man vote storage. Void melee has received a slight buff in accuracy and damage. The ornate pool in donator zone will now restore all stats as well. Raids one has been looked at and tweaked, still needs to be tested. Let me know the outcome. PvP armours and weapons can no longer be traded if they are below 100% Rooftop agility courses have been adjusted slightly, should now only require one click per obstacle. Slayer teleports have been sorted for Kalphites Smoke devils
  14. Hello, Veldaharians! Todays update consists of bug fixes, a new farming patch and the pk-district! Keep reporting bugs and writing down suggestions for the server, everything is read and looked over. Game Changes: Elite void now only applies the proper 12,5% bonus as supposed to. You now only need two free slots instead of eight to harvest again. Ring of wealth will now attempt to pick up blood money from npc drops if you have the space for it. Amulet of avarice will now provide proper 5% droprate bonus within revenant caves when worn. Arclight accuracy is now providing the proper 70% bonus on demonic creatures. Runite ore can now be mined in donator zone. Another farming patch has been added to the donator zone. PK-District has been added back into the game but now in the form of a fun-pk area where you will not lose any items. To access district use teleport (Ctrl+T, 7)