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  1. Evening, Veldaharians. Today brings some bug fixes and quite some back-end to the client and server for future updates. We're currently looking into some disconnection issues which only seems to occur in certain times. (Pretty much the same time every day) Advertisements through different sites and youtubers are also in the works (Has been for the last month) I've gotten some replies and some still not available until march. Game Changes: Dragon hunter crossbow now works as supposed to with it's additional bonuses towards draconig creatures including olm. The client has received quite some optimisation and should run somewhat smoother. Bottomless bucket can now be stored in the ultimate iron man vote storage. Void melee has received a slight buff in accuracy and damage. The ornate pool in donator zone will now restore all stats as well. Raids one has been looked at and tweaked, still needs to be tested. Let me know the outcome. PvP armours and weapons can no longer be traded if they are below 100% Rooftop agility courses have been adjusted slightly, should now only require one click per obstacle. Slayer teleports have been sorted for Kalphites Smoke devils
  2. Hello, Veldaharians! Todays update consists of bug fixes, a new farming patch and the pk-district! Keep reporting bugs and writing down suggestions for the server, everything is read and looked over. Game Changes: Elite void now only applies the proper 12,5% bonus as supposed to. You now only need two free slots instead of eight to harvest again. Ring of wealth will now attempt to pick up blood money from npc drops if you have the space for it. Amulet of avarice will now provide proper 5% droprate bonus within revenant caves when worn. Arclight accuracy is now providing the proper 70% bonus on demonic creatures. Runite ore can now be mined in donator zone. Another farming patch has been added to the donator zone. PK-District has been added back into the game but now in the form of a fun-pk area where you will not lose any items. To access district use teleport (Ctrl+T, 7)
  3. Good morning, Veldaharians! I would like to thank you all for the support so far on this release and I hope you all are enjoying your time with us. Every bug report is being wrangled out and sorted as soon as possible. There are some things that take abit longer than usual. Game Changes: Claiming votes by ::auth will now automatically attempt to claim all at once. Essence mining can now be minable from all angles. I am now able to remove members from iron man groups, so if a group wants to remove someone and they agree to that. Let me know. Withdrawing non-stackable items from group iron man vault will now only withdraw the amount you have space for. Attack styles for pound (attack, hitpoints), pummel (strength, hitpoints), spike (shared), block (defence, hitpoints) now work corrctly. (Used for viggoras chainmace etc) Pesky plant has been removed close to the trees in donator zone. The walking packet has been altered slightly.
  4. The first one to reach dragon trophy was @1 man dream earlier today and he was awarded 40$ in mystery boxes.
  5. Good day, Veldaharians! The server is now live! We have been working nonstop for the last couple of weeks to make sure we up our standards and provide a better gameplay for everyone. If you have played before then your account should still be present, including your donator ranks attached to the account. We also believe in second chances, so most bans has been lifted but are on a thin line so behave. *NEW* We are now holding a first-to competition where you can compete for various cosmetic trophies which are limited to this competition; You can view the competition: Here Some of the changes and additions we have done during downtime are; Group Iron Man Mode The group owner is able to invite up to four other players. The group owner can invite at anytime until the group is full. The invited players must be group iron mode and can not have more than 60 minutes played. Once the group is full, you can not invite nor remove anyone. The group is able to trade one another. Item drops will be visible to the team if the drop was made by someone on the team. Group iron team will not require 75% damage if they are the ones killing an npc together. A group vault can be created in edgeville bank where you all can share/store up to 59 items. The group iron man highscores can be accessed from edgeville bank by the score board close to the vault. Within the highscores you can sort it by experience and total level. Raids Raids 1 has been reworked and now requires you to kill skeletal mages, tekton and olm in sequence. Raids shop has gotten more potions added to it, elder potion, twisted potion, revitalisation potion and xeric's aid. Birdhouses Bird-houses has been added, you can setup up to 4 houses which will each take about 20 minutes to fill up. You can use logs from regular up to redwood. Each log granting more xp. Barley seeds has been added to the general store for all modes. Jormungand's prison Jormungand's prison has been added which consists of basilisk knights, basilisks and dagannoths. Basilisk knights have a chance of dropping the basilisk jaw which can be combined with the neitiznot helmet to create neitiznot faceguard. The chance of getting a jaw drop is decreased to 1/500 if on task otherwise it's 1/800. Misc You are now able to buy back tentacle whips after they have degraded. The buy-back cost of tentacle whips have been increased to 5M. The latest osrs data has been gathered. A variety of npcs and objects who have had their ids changed has been sorted. Twisted bow attack speed has been set to match osrs. The issue where equipment could not be disabled in duel screen has now been sorted. Player owned shops browse feature will now view the first item in your shop next to your name. The combat dummy at donator zone now works properly. Donator zone has been given a new location and a rework. Edgeville has received a makeover with a Player owned shop centre and group iron man vault snuck into the bank area. Vorkath will no longer bug out if you attempt to leave through the ice chunks. Void bonuses have been reworked and should now be similar to osrs, includes elite pieces as well. When running to an npc to talk or trade it will now properly follow them until you are close enough rather than stop beside them if they have moved. Using an item on an npc will now require you to be close to them before the action takes place. You are now able to leave the alchemical hydra boss room through the doors. If your account gets stuck online and does not send any packets for a certain amount of time, it will be kicked automatically. Ultimate ironmen can now only store vote items within their untradeable storage. The bottomless bucket has been added and can be filled up by using it on the compost bin. The bottomless bucket has been added to the vote shop for 50 vote points. Master farmer now offers to remove your farming weeds from the patches for a price. Dragon hunter crossbow accuracy and damage bonuses now only applies when fighting draconic creatures. Skill manipulation has been sorted for fishing and woodcutting. Larran's key is now being dropped by npcs while on wilderness slayer tasks. The key can be used to open larran's big chest in deep wilderness. Possible loot is quite some materials and also dagon pieces at a rare chance. The droprate for dragon warhammer from lizardman shaman has been lowered to 1 in 2200. Quite some endgame items has been removed from mysteryboxes. We feel that giving endgame items for money is something we no longer want to do. Hellhounds secondaries drops has been increased significantly. Sorted out crystal bows and crystal shields, they are now useable again. Farming achievement will now increase per herb picked as it should. Blood money shop has been disabled for the time being. Verzik vitur has been disabled for the time being to be reworked for a better experience. Presets has been added back into the game. Sorted the ids of these npcs: Chickens Cows Thugs Chaos druids Dark warrior Zeke Aubury Shopkeeper Horvik Lowe Master farmer Man Hero Candle maker Hans Cave horror Elf archer Elf warrior Dwarf Fixes as of 01/25-2020 Trees can now be cut from all angles. Most npc safespots has been sorted. A fire has been added close to the fishing spots in donator zone.
  6. Hello, veldaharians! With the release of the server in a couple of hours we will be starting our official first-to competition. What you simply need to do is browse the thread for your game mode: Regular: Here 5x: Here Ultimate Iron Man: Here Iron Man: Here Hardcore Iron Man: Here Group Iron Man: Here When you reach either of the milestones in which you see your first, take a screenshot and send it in our discord channel: Here (first-to-achiements) (Or send a PM with the screenshot to a staff-member on the forum) Where you then will be awarded a bronze trophy for your first achievement, if you then go on and become first on more things, keep posting the screenshots and we will increase your trophy one level higher. The highest trophy is dragon and these are limited to this competition. You can wield the trophy on your player to show off your skills.
  7. Hello, Veldaharians. I bring some news today, some sad and some abit better. As of now the server can not be kept online in the state it currently is, so we are going to give it a go to revive it. The server will go offline on monday, 6th of january. From then the server will be down for maintenance until it will be re-opened at 24th of january. A team will be brough together for this maintenance for bug-testing, suggestions, ideas and general discussion of the server. If you wish to be apart of the maintenance team, write me a PM with your discord contact and I will set it up. The server will be reset fully, excluding donator ranks and total donations. Bans will be lifted if they were not too serious. A discussion will be made within the team of possible rewards/addons for those who have contributed to the server previously. (Which will automatically be given upon server release) Any other questions, feel free to send me a PM. We'll keep you all updated as we go along, all the best to you all and thank you for playing os-veldahar.
  8. Christmas has come to os-veldahar and the anti-santas are here for revenge.. Hope you all have a great holiday. On another note: The latest data has been gathered so expect to see the latest of osrs in the near future.
  9. Good day, Veldaharians! Today halloween has come to us, or well. To those who are still around. Hope you all have a great holiday and i'll see you all soon
  10. Evening, Veldaharians! Today I have a small batch of fixes, alot more is in the works which I can show behind the scenes of soon! More advertisements are being looked into as well, awaiting quite a few replies. But they should be here soon. Game Changes: Now you are able to wield weapons/armour that previously had degraded. Brown apron is no longer tradeable. Karil's crossbow can now be fired properly. Arclight has again received a slight buff in both accuracy and damage. An issue where some weapons would keep the attack style over to another weapon has been changed. Most items should be sorted. The ring of wealth will now pick up revenant ether as well, if you have space for it. Combat dummy now counts as undead and demon as well for max hits.
  11. Good day, Veldaharians! I have been away for about a week now off and on, but I am still here. Do not worry. Today I bring you some QOL and more fixes. Your client will update automatically, but if an error occurs. Download it manually here on the forums. Game Changes: You are no longer able to spawn multiple cerberus when entering the room. Olm once again drops dragon claws and dragon hunter crossbow, I accidently removed them as well when removing the other dragon weaponry. Sorry for that. You are now able to use newly gotten pvp armour even after the old ones have degraded. Brown apron has been added to the vote shop, this apron will provide 10% extra experience while crafting. You are now able to click a cooking range when you have the raw fish in your inventory instead of using it on the cooking range. Olm and verzik drops will now properly log on the collection log. Verzik drops will now automatically add to your collection log if you have them in your inventory. Amulet of avarice will now note the proper drops and not just any drop. Redwood logs can again be cut from all angles. Redwoord trees will now deplete propely and not create hollow trees. You are now able to enter the curved redwood to go up a floor as well. Avernic hilt will now broadcast with the correct name. Magic secateurs are now kept on death. Ferocious gloves are no longer tradeable. Arclight has been buffed some more. Shops now have an option to buy and sell the last amount you used 'buy/sell x'. When holding shift while in a bank you are able to left-click an item in your inventory to store all. Viggora's chainmace have had it's alch value increased. Thammaron's sceptre have had it's alch value increased. All tridents have had their alch value increased. Dragon dagger(p+) now has stats. Ironmen are now able to purchase any item from the achievement shop. Salve amulet(ei) now provides 20% damage bonus while ranging and maging as well. Unsired is no longer tradeable. A typo was sorted when creating zenyte items on the pottery oven. A cut onyx is needed, not uncut. http://prntscr.com/odulph http://prntscr.com/oduqep
  12. G'day, some bugs have been smashed today and the new feature to toggle yell channel. I think I was tired when performing the last update, hence the mistakes. Sorry for that. Game Changes: Anguish now provides the +5 bonus as supposed to. Ava's assembler and assembler max cape now provides +2 bonus as supposed to. Imbued god max capes now provide +2 bonus as supposed to. Amulet of avarice has now been sorted and should now note proper drops, not vice versa. Arclight has been buffed slightly. Checking sell prices in ironman store will now show the correct prices. Mystic lava staff now provides unlimited earth and fire runes. Kodai wand has had it's alch value increased. You are now able to hide all yells, using the command ::toggleyell Clay rocks now work as supposed to in the desert.
  13. Evening, Veldaharians! I have as you know been away for approx a week, but I am back home now. Today I have some QOL and fixes within the batch. Your client will automatically download the update, if not. Download it manually here on the forums! Hope you all enjoy! Game Changes: Unnoting items in x amount on a bank will no longer attempt to purchase the last item you purchased. Donation items will no longer appear in the bank for ultimate ironmen. You can no longer mine the teleportation device in donator zone. (HAHA) Amulet of anguish now has +5 ranged strength. Copper and clay ores were mixed up and are now sorted out. Desert diary task for clay can now be completed. Lunar runecrafting altar can now be used again. PvP Armours now have their correct requirements to wield. You are now able to fletch the magic stock out of a magic log. Dragon crossbow can now be fletched. Regular dragon bolts now have their correct ranged strength. Boots of lightness are no longer tradable. Attempting to logout at certain places should no longer make you leave the clanchat. Wrath runes will now double after level 99. You are now able to zoom in more. Message when adding gems to gem bag will no longer show if skill messages is disabled. Vesta's longsword special has had it's damage calculation buffed. Max hit is now 72. Konar will now assign smoke devils within the smoke devil dungeon rather then the old stronghold slayer cave. Quick-prayer hover and clicking area has been sorted out on resizable and full-screen modes. Ironman modes are now able to sell items to their general store, the shop will buy the items for the low alch value. Viggora's chainmace is no longer two-handed. Viggora's chainmace accuracy and damage bonus has been sorted. You are now able to add charges to the new revenant weapons with ease rather than just 100 at the time. Verzik drop-rates have been buffed significantly. Verzik will now heal if everyone teleports away from the room mid fight. PvP Armours now fully degrade, meaning they can not be repaired or recovered after degradation. PvP Armour now lasts 2000 hits before degrading. PvP Weapons now lasts 4000 hits before degrading. Craw's bow alch value has been increased. Ring of wealth and Ring of wealth(i) alch values have been lowered. Alchemical hydra can now be obtained as a boss task from nieve. Arclight has been nerfed. Wearing the amulet of avarice while in the revenant dungeon will now grant you 5% additional droprate increase.
  14. Evening, Veldaharians! Today we bring you some more fixes and additions to the server from suggestions and bug reports! Thank you all for reporting in, keep it up. And hope you all enjoy. Note: Your client will attempt to automatically download the new update when you connect. If it does not work properly, download the new client directly from the forums. Game Changes: Farming will now show up with skill info as well. XP Gained within skill info will now be formatted properly. And saved individually within a session. Player walking has been altered and should be improved. Still some work to do. Let me know if theres improvements. Auto-retaliate will no longer stop you to retaliate an npc if you are moving. You will no longer receive skeletal wyvern's as a task if you are below level 72 Slayer. Buy and sell X option has been added to shops. With the maximum amount of 10k set. Great olm droptable can now be browsed in the npc drop tables. Great olm kills will now be announced like other bosses. Cave bugs now have 6 hitpoints as supposed to. Pest control pet will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Thieving pet will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Elite void pieces will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have them. Have it in your inventory and relog. Elder maul will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Scythe of vitur will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Deep wilderness dungeon has been added, going down the stairs in level 51 wilderness will bring you there. - The shortcut in deep wilderness dungeon requires 45 agility and completion of medium wilderness diary. Charging the trident of the seas(e) now only requires 1 scale per charge, rather than 100. You are now able to zoom out further on the client. Nature runes on zulrah's droptable has been changed to snakeskin. Opening the bank will now close the skill info. So the visual bug should no longer occur. "Eat" option has been removed from jangerberries. Changed the text color of when you complete a slayer task. PVP Armours are now obtainable! (Morrigan's throwing axe, Morrigan's javelin and Zuriel's staff are still to be added) - They can be obtained only from npcs within the wilderness, with a bigger chance from bosses. - Each piece is degradable and will break after 1000 hits. You can repair and/or reclaim them from the wise old man in edgeville bank for a price. - Current rates are: -> - Npcs with a combat level under 100: 1/2100 - Combat Level -> - Npcs with a combat level over 100: 1/1000 - Combat Level -> - Being on a krystilia task will boost the rates to: -> - Npcs with a combat level under 100: 1/1900 - Combat Level -> - Npcs with a combat level over 100: 1/800 - Combat Level
  15. Good day, Veldaharians! Another batch of fixes and some additions as well, hope you all enjoy The client will update automatically when you try to connect, if it does not. Download the client manually through the forums. Or use this link: HERE Game Changes: Pest control will now stop the current game correctly if there is no-one at the actual island. Pest control donator points will now deal out properly even if you do not have the rank set visible. Donator zone furnace clicking ratio has been sorted. Verzik will now heal herself if you die solo. Verzik will now dissapear if you die more than 3 times in the same instance. Tome of fire stats has been sorted. Some item alch values has been increased, if there is more. Let me know. The duel interface is being looked into, in the meantime: DDS/Whip option will Disable all equipment slots. You can no longer manually enable/disable certain equipment slots. (For the time being) Skill info box: The client now has a new toggleable feature withing the settings tab. Enabling this will prompt an interface while you are skilling showing some info such as: Current Level Current XP Actions left to level up XP Gained