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  1. Goodbye

    Goodbye loved a lot of you. I hope to the people who were there you enjoy the 4b.
  2. Suggestion title: Slayer lantern/Lit bug lantern Suggestion long description: Hopefully through posting this thread we can gain support on adding the 'slayer lantern/lit bug lantern' to the game. Even if its 50 slayer points or 500 slayer points or even if you can donate for it if your not willing to add it to the slayer shop. Please can we add the lantern. Its a beautiful fashionscape item. Edit: Xaid also suggested, if not to be obtainable by slayer points then be by via votes or mystery boxes!
  3. Tbh no to the 20% drop rate and bonus xp all day everyday. No. imo.
  4. 8/10 kid can dance and skate
  5. I agree 100% +1. Need something more for what has happened. Database leak doesn't make sense
  6. That would make sense besides gerts computer was formatted and he used fresh passwords.