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  1. do you mind adding me on discord and personally send me a discord link? every link i get is invalid Carbz#0123


    1. vuurvlam


      hi i have send park a message for u to contact him

      i have tryed to send u and anvitation for discord but it says ur name is incorrect i have also asked park to pick this up,hope it will work

    2. iron Carbz

      iron Carbz

      ok thanks bro, ill recheck my discord, it's correct Carbz#0123 (u need the capital letter)




  2. step 1. take out super mboxes In the shop, it completely ruins the game, and makes it unfair for non donors, but keep normal ones, or maybe even make the good drops out of the super mboxes, and add like 3 good items to a new extremely rare drop table of the mboxes, this will probably still make people donate, maybe even more to get those items, but its not going to be almost every time a box is opened, their is arcane, bandos, ags, tbow, etc, not those very good and overpowered items for a lvl 3 account in 5 minutes, if u see what I mean. step 2. Just make a reset when these changes are made, I promise this server will last a longer time, and also get youtubers to advertise more, with all that money you have, it will overtime make you guys even more money because the server will last longer, also, raids 2 is an option, it will take time, but I can try to help if you guys want help, I loved this server, but after the staff team, or owner (idk) adds p2w stuff in the store, that's how servers go dead, it cant be p2w, u guys need to find something to make this server alive again, as this is a suggestion, and will probably never be listened to, but if it does, then please do this because it will be needed. Carbz p.s - https://gyazo.com/5f0cd21a87f59a1c397099b24ed981bb could I get forums rank of v.i.p rank