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  1. Awesome updates as per usual Matt! thank you
  2. Hi there Sehrin here again. I was hoping we could possibly get added, the option to turn off the monster killcounts in the chatbox if we'd like. As for myself when doing slayer task or starting a pvm related grind. I find seeing the kill count every monster kc just makes my task or grind just feel like so much more of a grind then it really is. I always hide my kc when on task or doing a little boss grind, I find it always makes it seem like less of a chore. Cheers, Sehrin.
  3. So account security is always a hot topic. I don't know how hard it is to setup. But osrs and some of the big Servers out there use the " google authenticator" which is a verfied app by Google so there is nothing sketchy about it. Not sure if this is easy to setup like I said but it could definitely beef up ones security significantly if its doable. Cheers, Sehrin
  4. Awesome updates Matt love them so much! keep it coming <3! #OSveldaharnumba1