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  1. haya

    You got my support Haya!
  2. I forgot to add also. The withdrawal options osrs has also at the bottom of the bank tab. Where you can select a click to be a certain withdraw amount. 1,14 or all for example. The option too where certain items in your inventory get deposited and not every single item.
  3. Hey there guys and gals just making a post for some suggestions mostly QOL stuff. 1. Have the skilling options tab like OSRS. I don’t what they call theirs but the layout and options are great. Where you can click space bar or one mouse click to make all fo something etc. A little change but it can save you lots of time with skilling 2. Have a teleport to the mining guild. Or have the Mining skill cape work as a tele for it. 3. I could be wrong but it feels like the accuracy of the Archlight is off. Could be just me but I feel like it is. 4. Forum updates every so often as to what is being worked on before an update is released, or just like a little memo/post of how your work is going. Being a Veteran here I know the updates take time which is understandable considering how good they always are!!! And I appreciate all of the staffs hard works from the low level staff to the highest level :). But I feel like those kinds of post could make quite the difference with keeping newer plays around who probably get scared off by not seeing an update or a post for a week or two. Like I said the OSV veterans understand these updates take time but I feel like it could just help keep some new faces around 5. That’s all I got for now. Thanks to Matt and the staff everyone works hard and we appreciate it, even if it isn’t said all the time. cheers, Sehrin.
  4. Freaking Awesome Update Matt!! Keep it up!!
  5. Awww yea more good updates! Cheers Matt.
  6. Good stuff Matt. Glad to see how frequent these are coming!!
  7. Noiceuhhhh!!!! adding my QOL idea to wohoo!!!!
  8. Love it! good stuff Matt keep it up
  9. This is pretty straight forward. Not only with boss kill count but any npc in general is what I'm referring to. Make it optional to have the kill counts be shown or not. I think this would be a good idea because. Lets say you have a super long task you've been assigned. I myself and I'm guessing others aswell. Find it always feels extremely long when you just see the kill count number going up one by one and knowing you still have some 200 kills left etc. I believe it would be a great and simple QOL addition to the game and making it optional would keep it the best of both worlds for player who do want it on or do not. Anyway just thought I'd throw the idea out there. Keep up the good work lately Matt! Everyone appreciates it!!! Cheers, Sehrin.
  10. Awesome updates as per usual Matt! thank you
  11. Hi there Sehrin here again. I was hoping we could possibly get added, the option to turn off the monster killcounts in the chatbox if we'd like. As for myself when doing slayer task or starting a pvm related grind. I find seeing the kill count every monster kc just makes my task or grind just feel like so much more of a grind then it really is. I always hide my kc when on task or doing a little boss grind, I find it always makes it seem like less of a chore. Cheers, Sehrin.
  12. So account security is always a hot topic. I don't know how hard it is to setup. But osrs and some of the big Servers out there use the " google authenticator" which is a verfied app by Google so there is nothing sketchy about it. Not sure if this is easy to setup like I said but it could definitely beef up ones security significantly if its doable. Cheers, Sehrin
  13. Awesome updates Matt love them so much! keep it coming <3! #OSveldaharnumba1