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  1. Awesome episode man! Also, the reason the black masks weren't announcing over yell is because your donator status makes them below the drop rate for it
  2. Congrats! Such a friendly and helpful person, you'll make a great addition
  3. Nice video buddy, motivated me to get some hunter out of the way
  4. Sounds like a really challenging mode, I like it. Also helps us stand out from other servers, and I think people will enjoy the fact that there is no way to get ahead via donating. Great suggest Rena!
  5. Welcome and goodluck on the grind!
  6. Great update! Stoked to see the Zulrah update come so quickly too
  7. Great vid as always Insta, good luck with inferno
  8. Maduk's intro

    Hey guys, I used to play a couple of resets ago, and like everybody else, I stumbled across the email saying the server was reset, and here we are. Im 23, I have a Bachelors degree in Audio Engineering, but Im now studying web development whilst working part time. I like music and films, and consider myself pretty friendly so feel free to strike up a conversation whenever Also Im Australian so I say 'gday' a lot. Also Im not Mahuk/Gye
  9. First off, awesome work on the table! Secondly, I personally think this would be a really good update to Zulrah. It feels much more useful without being overpowered, which is hard to pull off but you've done a great job at it. I think the 1/200 suits nicely for rares. Nice work