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  1. Refund?

    I don't have proof, I'm not the type to record everything I do when playing. Or take screenshots of my acc every other day.. But i was doing slayer, killing Skeletal Wyverns. Decided to get something to eat. I walked aorund a corner and logged out after my kill. Knowing they're agro I made sure my account actually logged out. I went to get food, ate, come back and i'm logged in standing behind Edgeville bank.. Talking to some people and having this problem in the past of being logged back in after hitting logout, I just figured I'd ask if there's a refund possible.. I have nothing, I literally lost everything on my acc.. It'd be nice to get some of the big name items I had lost.. but if it's not possible, or if it's unfair it's understandable I guess. But could I atleast get another row (i) for the rebuild if that's the route that has to be taken? -Thanks, Port